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The Power of Sichuan Peppers

Sichuan peppers, with their unique aroma and flavor, have helped farmers rise from poverty while closely bonding officials and residents in Zhanpu Township, Fengdu County.
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Green Poverty Reduction

Overcoming poverty is a “tough battle,” and protecting the Yangtze River is a “protracted war.” In solving the problems of environmental protection and social development at the...
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Rise of “Ghost City”

Over the years, Fengdu County has focused on poverty alleviation and green development. Now, Fengdu is looking to live up to its name which translates to “the land of harvest” t...
22.08.2019 — 193 views
Poverty Reduction Miracles

What is secret behind China’s success in poverty reduction? Fengdu can provide some clues.
22.08.2019 — 18 views
Filling the Void

Fengdu County in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality is situated at the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. It is known as a tourist destination of historical and ...
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Value Untapped

Growth of an isolated county in Chongqing mirrors the progress of the poverty alleviation campaign.
E-commerce in the Mountains

The Fengdu government is working to connect the entire county with an e-commerce service network as it encourages young active farmers to sell online.
15.08.2019 — 16 views
Wins in the West ——Poverty Alleviation Efforts in Chongqing’s Fengdu County

Only strict allocation of resources will ensure that China can overcome imbalanced development by its own strength and achieve the goal of eradicating poverty.
14.08.2019 — 18 views
2nd CIIE sets to accelerate China's higher-end consumption, greener growth

SHANGHAI, July 27 (Xinhua) -- With 100 days to go before the second China International Import Expo (CIIE), China is pressing ahead to pursue more diversified, higher-end consum...
31.07.2019 — 2461 views
CIIE matchmaking event held in Shanghai

One day before the 100-day countdown to the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) begins, a pre-expo matchmaking event for exhibitors and buyers was held in Shanghai on ...
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