China’s top political advisory body started its annual session Saturday afternoon in Beijing, vowing to take on new mission for the country's goal toward a “great modern socialist country.”

It’s time for the Two Sessions again!
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“Sharp power” a new version of “China threat” rhetoric: spokesperson

Accusing China of showing “sharp power” by some western people is full of hype and bias, and is a new version of the “China threat” theory in nature, a spokesperson for the annu...
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Top political advisory body's annual session to open Saturday

Election of new leadership for the top advisory body is on the agenda, and the session is set to conclude in the morning of March 15, Wang Guoqing, spokesperson for the first se...
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The Constitution Provides the Legal Foundation for Upholding Party Leadership

From the perspective of the development of China’s rule of law, commitment to the organic unity of Party leadership, the people running the country and law-based governance is a...
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It is necessary for the Constitution to elevate upholding the Party’s leadership from a specific system to a fundamental system of the state to bestow stronger binding force and legal force and ensure Party leadership over every area, field and as...
Upholding Party Leadership Is the Prerequisite of Achieving the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation

Without the leadership of the Party, it would be impossible to secure the great success of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, and national rejuvenation would ...
01.03.2018 — 783 views
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The Amendment to the Constitution Is Conducive to Understanding It More Rationally

The inclusion of this theoretical exploration in the General Principles of China’s Constitution will play an important role in helping the people understand the great significan...
01.03.2018 — 679 views
Affirming Party Leadership Should Be Part of China’s Constitution

This revision is an application and development of a Marxist party-building theory, and an in-depth understanding of the laws that underlie governance by a Communist party and t...
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