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The Qingdao summit, which runs from June 9 to 10, occurs at a time when the world is in need of concerted action to address challenges and threats ranging from regional conflicts to spreading terrorism, from populism to unilateralism, and must adv...
SCO: A New Model for Close, Inclusive International Relations

—Interview of Wang Shida, Deputy Director of the Institute of South and Southeast Asian and Oceanian Studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations
08.06.2018 — 193 views
Wider Avenues for India-China Cooperation

As global wealth shifts back to Asia, the two nations need to work together as two nodes of the Asian Century.
08.06.2018 — 263 views
Expanding Future

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting is set to provide new ideas and focus
08.06.2018 — 219 views
Can the SCO Bring India and Pakistan Closer?

Open communication and tremendous tact are the needs of the hour.
08.06.2018 — 306 views
08.06.2018 — 281 views

India’s Expectations for the SCO

By joining the SCO, India hopes to strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation, stabilize the situation in Afghanistan and realize connectivity to Central Asia.
SCO Security Cooperation: Greater Challenges

Peaceful settlement of disputes among member states through negotiation and consultation is the key factor driving effective security cooperation in the SCO.
07.06.2018 — 255 views
SCO: A New Global Solution to International Relations

As a new type of regional organization, the SCO has abandoned patterns of alliance, disagreements over ideology and frequent confrontation in favor of dedication to solving urge...
07.06.2018 — 192 views
17 Years of Cooperation: SCO’s Profound Journey

The SCO is becoming a role model for a new type of international relations.
07.06.2018 — 194 views
SCO: A Tighter Community

Aiming to forge a “community with a shared future for humanity,” the SCO is intended to be a regional community of common security, economic collaboration and social cooperation.
05.06.2018 — 306 views


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