Trade war not driven by ideology says director at tsinghua university
Editor’s note: Amid the deepening China-US trade war, Professor Yan Xuetong, director of the Institute of International Relations at Tsinghua University, shared his views with chinadaily.com.cn on ...
Un chief stresses multilateralism rules based intl relations
UN chief stresses multilateralism, rules-based int'l relations

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday stressed the importance of multilateralism and rules-based international relations in addressing global challenges. Asked how c...
13.07.2018 — 187 views
China forced to take countermeasures against us trade bullying
China Forced to Take Countermeasures Against US Trade Bullying

China imposed counter-tariffs on some import products from the United States at 12:01 pm Friday immediately after new US tariffs took effect, the country’s customs authority sai...
13.07.2018 — 184 views
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US tariffs add burden to its taxpayers: former Fed leader

The recent U.S. tariffs are actually increasing the burden on its own taxpayers, former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said at the China Wealth Forum 2018 held in ...
13.07.2018 — 171 views
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Kudos to China's leading role in WTO

Undoubtedly, China's WTO membership is a milestone in its reform and opening-up. Over the past 17 years, as a major developing trading nation China has made great contributions ...
13.07.2018 — 202 views
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13.07.2018 — 200 views

The true cost of a trade war

With its latest trade tariffs, the United States has presented a number of both economic and political challenges not just for China, but also for countries that represent approximately 60 percent ...
Debunking fallacies about chinas ipr practices
Debunking Fallacies About China’s IPR Practices

By slamming tariffs on US$ 34 billion worth of Chinese goods on July 6, the U.S. officially started a trade war against China. Unfounded accusations of China’s “theft” of U.S. t...
12.07.2018 — 323 views
[Video] China-U.S. Trade War Kicks Off: China Resilient Enough to Cope

Souce: Chinamosaic.china.com.cn
12.07.2018 — 213 views
Chinas development path is a precious gift to the world
China's development path is a precious gift to the world

Forty years ago, on December 18, 1978, a brand-new China was born with late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping's winning vision of "reform and opening-up." Like the "Long March," it w...
12.07.2018 — 246 views
Green Commitment

China gears up for a fiercer and more expansive battle against pollution
12.07.2018 — 259 views


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