15.03.2018 — 245 views

Innovation Makes Farmers Rich

NPC deputies talk about rural vitalization.
Toward Due Justice

A community with a shared future for mankind represents an international order that emphasizes fairness.
14.03.2018 — 300 views
Clearly viewing China’s two sessions

Understanding the differences in how democracies function and how China’s system works is a must, or you will be easily dragged down by alarmists and conspiracy theorists, the s...
14.03.2018 — 268 views
Medical and Health Care Legislation Set to Take Spotlight

Officials address a question from Beijing Review reporter on the draft of the Basic Health Care, Medicine and Health Promotion Law.
13.03.2018 — 235 views
Institutional Reform with Introspective Revolutionary Spirit

Reform of Party and state institutions represents an introspective revolution marked by profound changes to improve governance.
13.03.2018 — 332 views
China’s national legislature Sunday afternoon adopted constitutional amendments, enshrining Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into the Constitution.
Xi underlines clean, upright political ecology

President Xi Jinping on Saturday underlined a “clean and upright” political ecology and urged leading officials to uphold rule of law.
12.03.2018 — 275 views
【Changing China】How Will China’s Economy Maintain High-quality Growth

How will China’s economy maintain high-quality growth? Let’s review the new features of China’s economic development over the past five years to find some answers.
12.03.2018 — 393 views
China’s Constitution Guarantees the Basic Interests of the Chinese People

There is widespread agreement in the Chinese media that this amendment to the Constitution is the common will of the entire Communist Party of China (CPC) as well as that of all...
12.03.2018 — 284 views
Ensuring full enforcement of the Constitution

The vitality and authority of the Constitution lies in its enforcement, so the full enforcement of the Constitution is the primary task and fundamental work for making China int...
11.03.2018 — 285 views


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