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13.07.2018 — 228 views

Kudos to China's leading role in WTO

Undoubtedly, China's WTO membership is a milestone in its reform and opening-up. Over the past 17 years, as a major developing trading nation China has made great contributions to the WTO's multila...
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The true cost of a trade war

With its latest trade tariffs, the United States has presented a number of both economic and political challenges not just for China, but also for countries that represent appro...
13.07.2018 — 230 views
Debunking fallacies about chinas ipr practices
Debunking Fallacies About China’s IPR Practices

By slamming tariffs on US$ 34 billion worth of Chinese goods on July 6, the U.S. officially started a trade war against China. Unfounded accusations of China’s “theft” of U.S. t...
12.07.2018 — 364 views
[Video] China-U.S. Trade War Kicks Off: China Resilient Enough to Cope

Souce: Chinamosaic.china.com.cn
12.07.2018 — 237 views
Chinas development path is a precious gift to the world
China's development path is a precious gift to the world

Forty years ago, on December 18, 1978, a brand-new China was born with late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping's winning vision of "reform and opening-up." Like the "Long March," it w...
12.07.2018 — 267 views
12.07.2018 — 288 views

Green Commitment

China gears up for a fiercer and more expansive battle against pollution
All Inclusive

The Belt and Road Initiative has room for everyone
12.07.2018 — 274 views
Five Fingers of One Hand

BRICS cooperation has become a major force in the modernization of international governance
11.07.2018 — 232 views
A Moment Seized

China should demonstrate the same courage in furthering reform and opening up as in accession to the WTO
11.07.2018 — 342 views
Open for Travel

The Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunities for tourism cooperation with Gansu
11.07.2018 — 225 views


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