Islamic religious leaders in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region are also victims of extremism and terrorism with several Uygur religious leaders being murdered or receiving threats, the regional ...
Commentary: Xinjiang-related bill again reveals U.S. true nature of hegemony

BEIJING, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. House of Representatives, with a group of politicians who may have never set foot on Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has passed a bill rel...
05.12.2019 — 179 views
Xinjiang centers helping improve lives

Most trainees in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region's vocational training centers have graduated. Many have found employment, improved their quality of life and now live happy...
05.12.2019 — 122 views
Bones of Culture

Displayed as part of the permanent collections of many institutions around the world, oracle bones inscriptions, “Jiaguwen” in Chinese, have attracted researchers from various c...
04.12.2019 — 333 views
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Song Zhenhao: Oracle Bones Drive International Cultural Exchange

Application of the traditional deconstructing method inspired by Chinese oracle bone script studies in the research of ancient Sumerian cuneiform script has significantly furthe...
04.12.2019 — 224 views
04.12.2019 — 107 views

Huang Tianshu: Scripting Chinese Culture

The Chinese characters we use today are descendants of oracle bone inscriptions. This inheritance is the root of Chinese culture.
Bones of a Language —120th Anniversary of the Discovery of Oracle Bones: Salute and Inheritance

The oracle bone script has exerted considerable influence on Chinese values, philosophy and aesthetics. It is also a cultural legacy for humanity.
03.12.2019 — 82 views
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Global Treasures: A Map of China’s World Heritage Sites

The proportion of UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites in China is uneven, with 37 cultural heritage sites accounting for 67 percent of the total, only 14 natural he...
27.11.2019 — 172 views
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Panelists Discuss Reshaping Media Landscape at World 5G Convention 2019

What is next for the media industry in the 5G era?
24.11.2019 — 5726 views
CIPG, Science & Technology Daily join hands in int’l communication

China International Publishing Group (CIPG) and Science and Technology Daily signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation in promoting international communication regarding sci...
20.11.2019 — 123 views


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