The belt and road initiative new development opportunities for china africa education cooperation
The results of in-depth discussion from this year’s FOCAC summit are expected to contribute enormously and bring more light for common development of education in Africa and China.
Infographic belt and road initiative driving china africa cooperation featured image
[Infographic] Belt and Road Initiative: Driving China-Africa Cooperation

Under their existing cooperation framework, China and Africa ushered in a golden period of accelerated cooperation after the inception of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation i...
02.09.2018 — 281 views
China and Africa: Getting Culturally Closer

The booming and diversified cultural exchanges between China and African countries have deepened the ties and opened the gate to better mutual understanding between their peoples.
02.09.2018 — 186 views
The belt and road initiative breathing life into china africa cooperation 1200px
The Belt and Road Initiative: Breathing Life into China-Africa Cooperation

The Belt and Road Initiative is broadening consensus, strengthening friendship and promoting infrastructure development in Africa.
02.09.2018 — 265 views
The belt and road initiative and africa 1200px
The Belt and Road Initiative and Africa

The Silk Road Spirit has sown peace and harmony between many different peoples.
02.09.2018 — 136 views
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Production capacity cooperation between China and Africa conforms to the developmental needs of both sides.
Panel highlights focac agenda ahead of beijing summit
Panel highlights FOCAC agenda ahead of Beijing summit

Ahead of the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), scheduled to take place in the Chinese capital from September 3-4, a press conference on the H...
31.08.2018 — 193 views
China-Africa Relations: New and Improved “All-Weather Friendship”

From director-general of the Department of African Affairs in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Chinese ambassador to Mali and Morocco, Cheng Tao has dedicated over 30 year...
31.08.2018 — 145 views
Tang Xiaoyang: Witness to Africa’s Rise

Rather than by providing aid, China has made a big contribution to Africa’s development through even-handed trade benefiting both sides, helping African countries build internal...
31.08.2018 — 162 views
Liu Hongwu: Africa Needs Cultural Rejuvenation

It is important for African countries to rejuvenate their social values and cultural systems.
31.08.2018 — 146 views


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