DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- After hearing Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan's latest address at Davos Wednesday afternoon, Randall Lane, chief content officer of Forbes, described the ...
China reveals top-level planning of economic policy at Davos forum

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- Liu He, a senior Chinese official, Wednesday elaborated on the top-level planning of China's economic policy for the next few years at th...
24.01.2019 — 125 views
'China Has No Wish to Be America's Enemy'

After four decades, China and the U.S. should jointly explore a path of co-evolution
21.01.2019 — 168 views
The Power of Reform

Harnessing the change brought by reform and innovation may be the best strategy to address the problems of our times.
16.01.2019 — 184 views
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Joseph Nye: China, US not in 'cold war', but cooperative rivalry

Despite the opposition that appears now in China-U.S. relations, cooperation is far more important, underscored prominent U.S. political scientist Dr. Joseph S. Nye during an ex...
14.01.2019 — 229 views
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10.01.2019 — 291 views

Chinese Cultural Torchbearers

Culture nourishes hearts and minds. A handful of people stood out as Chinese cultural icons of 2018 through their achievements in various realms that shared the nation’s cultural landscape, philosophy and athletic spirit with the world.
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2018: Opportunity and Risk Around the World

The year 2019 has arrived. Looking back upon the past year, the international community remained restless. The year 2018 had escalating economic friction, upgraded cooperation, ...
10.01.2019 — 213 views
In Remembrance of the Passed

In 2018, many people left us forever, including not only famous scholars, researchers and artists, but also ordinary people working on the front lines. Let us remember them, sha...
10.01.2019 — 148 views
Innovation Pioneers

The year 2018 witnessed remarkable Chinese achievements and innovation breakthroughs in various realms. From completion of the longest bridge in the world to automatic driving, ...
10.01.2019 — 1134 views
【Video】Reform and Opening Up over Four Decades: Welcoming the Future

Forty Years: From Poverty and Isolation to Fast Development Forty Milestone Events: China’s Amazing Transformation
07.01.2019 — 263 views


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