Interview wto faces unprecedented challenges from trade tensions    wto official
A senior World Trade Organization (WTO) official has said the global trade body is facing unprecedented challenges from trade tensions, but it was created for moments like this. "At the moment worl...
What lies in store for future sino us ties
What lies in store for future Sino-US ties?

Bilateral relations stare at four possible scenarios now that the US is hellbent on containing China's rise by igniting a tariff war The Donald Trump administration has listed C...
17.07.2018 — 89 views
Majority of american firms in china oppose us retaliatory tariffs report
Majority of American firms in China oppose US retaliatory tariffs: Report

SHANGHAI - Nearly 70 percent of the surveyed US firms in China oppose the Trump administration's use of retaliatory tariffs to achieve its trade goals, according to a report by ...
17.07.2018 — 80 views
Chinas gdp growth hits 68 year on year in h1
China's GDP growth hits 6.8% year-on-year in H1

China's GDP growth reached 6.8 percent year-on-year in the first half of this year, beating general market expectations, according to official data released on Monday. Growth in...
17.07.2018 — 81 views
China has 'nothing to fear'

Nation can turn to growing Southeast Asian market to help offset trade row with US: HK entrepreneur
17.07.2018 — 88 views
China eu must work together for free trade china daily editorial
Contrary to US ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison’s claim prior to the meeting that “the overall theme” of the transatlantic organization’s latest summit in Brussels would be its "strength and...
A trade bully us turns against the world
A trade bully, U.S. turns against the world

In reckless disregard for the rules-based global trading system, the United States has become a capricious trade bully and turned against the whole world. Following steel and al...
17.07.2018 — 72 views
China writing its book in its own way
China writing its book in its own way

"Crossing the river by feeling the stones" as former leader Deng Xiaoping put it metaphorically, is how China started implementing reform and opening-up in 1978. Reform began in...
17.07.2018 — 86 views
A trade war based on us ignorance
A trade war based on US ignorance

Like slowly moving tectonic plates, in which at first there is no perceptible movement, only to be followed later by a jarring earthquake, the ground is finally shifting in the ...
17.07.2018 — 72 views
Us china trade tensions trigger concerns among american farmers experts
U.S.-China trade tensions trigger concerns among American farmers, experts

The escalating trade tensions between the United States and China have triggered widespread concerns among farmers and experts in various U.S. industries over the impending impa...
17.07.2018 — 80 views


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