04.01.2019 — 396 views

Knowledge Is Data

Online education can provide new and feasible solutions for global allocation of educational resources and promote equality in education worldwide.
Down-to-Earth Movies

We are not only encouraged by the success of Dying to Survive but also gratified by the accumulation of Chinese films—even if they do form the submerged part of the iceberg—beca...
04.01.2019 — 309 views
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Vlog:Sharing My Video Diary

Chinese vlogs are turning heads and winning hearts.
04.01.2019 — 284 views
Alleviation Becomes Vitalization

Achieving high-quality poverty alleviation, solving profound poverty problems and integrating with rural vitalization are the primary goals of China’s poverty alleviation effort...
04.01.2019 — 216 views
Climate Crisis: A Chilling Fate

The international community has paid close attention to China’s actions, in the hope that the country can contribute Chinese experience, wisdom and fresh approaches to tackling ...
04.01.2019 — 258 views
China will further enhance the service industry and consumption’s contributions to economic growth, attach greater importance to high-quality development driven by innovation and transform the past growth mode excessively reliant on investment and...
Genuinely Smart AI

For China, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) should focus on developing intelligent chips and new-generation open-source AI platforms, accelerating the development o...
04.01.2019 — 844 views
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International Security Prospects: Expectations and Variables

How China-U.S. relations evolve will fundamentally impact the world security situation in 2019.
04.01.2019 — 210 views
China-U.S. Relations Start a New Lap

Now more than ever, China and the United States need to focus on seeking mutually beneficial relations characterized by equality, inclusiveness, mutual respect, mutual learning,...
04.01.2019 — 283 views
Smarter Homes for the Intelligent Age

As big data continues expanding and new technologies emerge, China’s smart home industry is moving toward the IoT era based on AI technology.
04.01.2019 — 285 views


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