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10.07.2019 — 341 views

New Normal: Refined Economic Structure

Under the “new normal” conditions, if China is to maintain its positive impact on the world economy as it undergoes structural adjustment, it needs to establish even more mutually beneficial interactions with others and persist in its quest for co...
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Chinese Miracle of Economic Development

China is a developing country and has similar national conditions to other developing countries around the world. Compared to development theories from developed countries, Chin...
10.07.2019 — 462 views
Twenty Years on the Internet

The internet economy is changing the traditional business landscape and lifestyles.
10.07.2019 — 305 views
Private Exploration of Socialism—The Unique Role of Private Enterprises in the Chinese Economy

The development of China’s private economy is deepening the country’s understanding of socialism.
10.07.2019 — 371 views
An American Scholar’s “Incredible Journey” with China’s Opening Up

Last year, China celebrated the 40th anniversary of its reform and opening up, which has changed lives of hundreds of millions of people. Across 40 years, China has transformed ...
09.07.2019 — 374 views
The reform of China’s land system has served as an engine driving the country’s economic growth.
Chinese Reference for All

In addition to material output, China’s economic development mode has also contributed value in terms of theory and points of reference for global economic and social development.
09.07.2019 — 199 views
China's Economy: A Singular Voice in the Choir

Against a backdrop of increasingly complicated globalization worldwide, China is working hard with many countries to build a community with a shared future for humanity, a drive...
09.07.2019 — 18908 views
A Look Back at China’s WTO Membership

China joined the WTO after 15 years of negotiations. This move caused remarkable changes in the country and the world.
09.07.2019 — 244 views
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Summer Davos Closes at Dalian

On the afternoon of July 3, the 13th Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum (WEF), also known as Summer Davos, concluded in the northeastern Chinese coa...
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