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To the Moon at Chinese Speed

1991 China’s space experts proposed launching the country’s own independent lunar exploration program.   1998 Chinese scientists started to plan, discuss and verify the feasibility of a lunar missi...
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Chang’e-4 In Context

Discussions between Chinese and U.S. space leaders, should they occur, would certainly be flavored by the overall state of China-U.S. relations. It may well be that those intere...
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Light on the “Dark Side” of the Moon

Thanks to the Chang’e-4 probe conducting detailed exploration of the far side of the moon, humans are expected to unravel more scientific mysteries.
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Moon as Captured by Chang’e Probes

Moon Shot by Chang’e-1On November 12, 2008, China published the first picture of the entire moon that was pieced together from photos taken by the Chang’e-1 satellite. This was ...
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One in Ten Million—Exclusive Interview with Ye Peijian, Chief Scientist with China’s Lunar Exploration Program

“After living for more than 70 years, I have seen many ups and downs. But I feel excited now because I am so proud. Humans will finally land a spacecraft on the moon’s far side,...
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Chang’e-4: Lonely Landing

Chang’e-4, China’s lunar probe, has completed the first soft landing on the far side of the moon. The touchdown represented one small step for a Chinese probe and one giant leap for mankind’s space exploration.
Functional Diagram of the Chang’e-4 Lander, Yutu-2 Lunar Rover and Queqiao Relay Satellite

Chang'e-4 Mission  The Chang’e-4 mission includes a lander, the Yutu-2 lunar rover and the Queqiao relay satellite. The Chang’e-4 lander and Yutu-2 lunar rover are collectively ...
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The Flipside

It is human nature to explore the unknown. When children gazed at the moon half a century ago, they were eyeing somewhere they could never go. And there was a side of the moon t...
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Rapid Fire Quiz Chang’e and Yutu

From the first visit by Luna-1 in 1959 to the soft landing of Chang’e-4 in 2019, lunar exploration has spanned 60 years, yet unknown realms still wait to be discovered. Let’s se...
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Chang’e-4 Mission: The Far Side of Technology

China is poised to play a greater role in deepening human understanding of the moon and the universe.  
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