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Too many “horrible” technologies already exist in the world. We can never be too cautious when unleashing new technologies.
2019 A New Link for Blockchain

The tokenization or encryption of global assets presents a massive opportunity. This is a completely untapped realm wherein blockchain and tokens could ignite the real economy.
04.01.2019 — 146 views
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China Sticks to Win-Win Cooperation Despite Uncertainty

In 2019, China will continue to promote peaceful cooperation and win-win development despite an increasingly complicated international situation.
04.01.2019 — 224 views
China’s Amazing Deep Space Exploration

In the not-so-distant future, visiting the moon or Mars may no longer be the stuff of science fiction.
04.01.2019 — 223 views
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Alleviation Becomes Vitalization

The goal of helping the entire impoverished population escape poverty according to the current standard by 2020 has reached its final two years. With more and more impoverished ...
04.01.2019 — 170 views
BEIJING, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping proposed that the mainland and Taiwan conduct democratic consultation on cross-Strait relations and the future of the nation, and establish institut...
Cross-Strait reunification an irresistible trend: Xi

BEIJING, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping on Wednesday stressed that achieving the country's greatness, national rejuvenation and cross-Strait reunification is the trend ...
02.01.2019 — 146 views
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President Xi delivers New Year speech rallying nation for great cause

BEIJING, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year speech Monday evening, calling on the whole nation to strive for "an unprecedented and great cause" in the...
01.01.2019 — 185 views
China’s Economic Outlook 2019: Eyes on Both Speed and Quality

China’s economic growth rate is expected to drop slightly to 6.2-6.5 percent in 2019.
24.12.2018 — 247 views
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China marks 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up

China held a grand gathering Tuesday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the country's reform and opening-up, a great revolution that has changed the destiny of the Chinese nat...
18.12.2018 — 794 views


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