12.12.2018 — 1496 views

Reform and Opening Up: Milestone Events

Forty Years: From Poverty and Isolation to Fast Development Forty Milestone Events: China’s Amazing Transformation
【Video】A Villager and His Stage Costume Business

The first episode of Beijing Review’s Web series: 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up: China's Rural E-Commerce Going Global
10.12.2018 — 398 views
China-Latin America: A Deeper Shared Future

Building a China-Latin America community with a shared future is a vital step for human society to overcome temporary difficulties impeding further development of globalization ...
07.12.2018 — 440 views
G20:World’s Consensus and China’s Action

On November 30, 2018, President Xi Jinping delivered a speech titled “Look Beyond the Horizon and Steer the World Economy in the Right Direction” at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in B...
03.12.2018 — 811 views
G20: The Use of the “Useless”

Providing an open, flexible platform for stakeholders with contrasting values and interests to reach important consensus is the most significant role of the G20 today.
02.12.2018 — 798 views
During its four decades of reform and opening up, China has evolved from a beneficiary of globalization to a contributor, becoming a major engine for world economic growth and a driver of economic globalization.
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China’s Successful Experience in Poverty Reduction

The core factor in China’s successful poverty alleviation campaign has been a sound national governance structure ensuring in-depth promotion of national strategies, effective i...
01.12.2018 — 514 views
Opening Up a Chinese Miracle

Compared to developed countries, China’s experience and theory on reform and opening up present a more significant reference for other developing countries.
01.12.2018 — 350 views
Think Tanks Vow to Improve Global Governance

Scholars and media representatives from 18 countries agreed that they should expand exchange and cooperation among think tanks to drive global governance.
26.11.2018 — 250 views
China Focus: Xi’s visits to Spain, Argentina, Panama, Portugal to enhance bilateral ties, G20 cooperation

BEIJING, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping's upcoming visits to Spain, Argentina, Panama and Portugal will intensify respective bilateral ties and G20 cooperation...
26.11.2018 — 752 views


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