This year marks the 150th anniversary of the first scientific documentation of the giant panda. On April 1, 1869, French missionary Armand David discovered and recorded the animal.
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Hu Jinchu—We Are All Giant Pandas

When a male panda leaped to within feet of our faces, we locked eyes in a tense stare-down.
22.05.2019 — 342 views
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Forum on Contemporary China and World 2019 Held in Beijing

The Forum on Contemporary China and World 2019 kicked off in Beijing on May 16, as part of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations.
18.05.2019 — 38757 views
Shared Inspiration in Asian Culture

On May 5, “Shared Inspiration—Asian Art Exhibition” opened at the National Art Museum of China.Art works from different Asian countries display the mutual learning and blending ...
17.05.2019 — 217 views
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Asian Solutions to Benefit the People

“I would like to highlight that Singapore and China have a long standing practice of working closely with each other to find mutually beneficial solutions for their people,” Lye...
17.05.2019 — 324 views
17.05.2019 — 255 views

Dialogue Promoting Understanding

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony, stressing mutual respect and equal treatment among civilizations. Experts from different countries and organizations also expressed opinions about cultural exchange a...
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Forging Cultural Bonds

The process of building a strong cultural relationship between nations isn’t limited to the event but goes much further and deeper.
17.05.2019 — 185 views
Developing a Common Consciousness

The melting pot of CDAC can act as a catalyst to improve relations among nations in Asia, through fostering exchange of ideas and avenues for people-to-people interaction.
16.05.2019 — 386 views
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Xi attends opening of Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday attended the opening ceremony of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing and delivered a keynote speech.
16.05.2019 — 233 views
‘Keywords to Understand China: On Governance’ Unveiled in Beijing

The booklet Keywords to Understand China: On Governance was unveiled on Wednesday at the thematic forum “Sharing Experience on Asian Governance,” part of the Conference on Dialo...
16.05.2019 — 248 views


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