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Compared to other major countries, the ratios of China's defense expenditure to GDP and to government expenditure, as well as the per capita defense expenditure of the country, remain at a relatively low level.
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White paper gives overview of reshuffled armed forces

A white paper titled "China's National Defense in the New Era," released Wednesday by the State Council Information Office, gave a systematic introduction to the reshuffled Peop...
24.07.2019 — 105 views
White paper: There has never been an 'East Turkistan' state

The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has never been a state called "East Turkistan" so the separatist forces' attempts to incite the Uygurs seeking independence in the name of "...
24.07.2019 — 92 views
Beijing says no links between HK violence and freedom of speech

The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday the extreme, violent incidents that happened in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region over the weekend had nothing to do with freedom ...
24.07.2019 — 103 views
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Early Economic Explorations

Many economic initiatives in the early days after the founding of the People’s Republic of China were unprecedented explorations and practices in selecting the development path ...
10.07.2019 — 302 views
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10.07.2019 — 220 views

China’s Industrialization

China’s large-scale industrial exploration and development that began shortly after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 continued for about 30 years, laying a solid foundation for the country’s historic reform and opening up tha...
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New Normal: Refined Economic Structure

Under the “new normal” conditions, if China is to maintain its positive impact on the world economy as it undergoes structural adjustment, it needs to establish even more mutual...
10.07.2019 — 220 views
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Chinese Miracle of Economic Development

China is a developing country and has similar national conditions to other developing countries around the world. Compared to development theories from developed countries, Chin...
10.07.2019 — 248 views
Twenty Years on the Internet

The internet economy is changing the traditional business landscape and lifestyles.
10.07.2019 — 189 views
Private Exploration of Socialism—The Unique Role of Private Enterprises in the Chinese Economy

The development of China’s private economy is deepening the country’s understanding of socialism.
10.07.2019 — 177 views


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