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A Golden Age for China’s Consumption

A fast-growing and increasingly open Chinese consumer market is making great contributions to the world economy.
New Chinese Consumption for a New Era

The current consumption upgrade in China, which is boosting domestic demand by upgrading consumption structure, promotes smooth and high-quality growth of China’s economy.
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Infographic a glance at chinas foreign trade featured
[Infographic] A Glance at China’s Foreign Trade

The China International Import Expo, which is scheduled to kick off in Shanghai on November 5, has attracted massive global attention. Since China’s reform and opening up that s...
01.11.2018 — 153 views
China's Emergence as a Major Importer

As the globalization trend once led by the United States undergoes tremendous changes, China is striding towards becoming a major global importer, widening channels for global e...
01.11.2018 — 108 views
Intelligent manufacturing reshapes global trade
Intelligent Manufacturing Reshapes Global Trade

Intelligent manufacturing will create new opportunities for global trade in promoting its inclusiveness, innovation, universal benefits and green development.
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30.10.2018 — 78 views

Xi calls for more results from FTZs

Coordinated planning, innovation sought to boost reform, opening-up
Calmly Optimistic: Outlook on Relations between China and Japan

During Abe’s visit to China, China and Japan will hold a cooperation forum on third party markets, which indicates that the two parties are trying to achieve consensus on cooper...
27.10.2018 — 1064 views
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Opinion: From Expo 2010 to CIIE: Shanghai’s confidence and China’s promise

Shanghai's ultimate goal is to become a global city of excellence and a socialist modern metropolis with international influence by 2035.
26.10.2018 — 179 views
Chinese premier calls for more mature, steady and progressive ties with Japan

BEIJING, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday called on China and Japan to work together to build more mature, steady and progressive bilateral ties. Li's remarks ...
26.10.2018 — 174 views
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More Chinese people optimistic about China-Japan ties

More Chinese people agree that the Sino-Japanese relationship is improving and are optimistic about the future of bilateral ties, according to the findings of a recent opinion p...
17.10.2018 — 350 views


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