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11.03.2019 — 151 views

Prosperous Prospects

China proceeds to introduce a new draft of the Foreign Investment Law
Why Foreign Investment Law Matters

The draft foreign investment law under deliberation is China’s latest effort to improve its business environment. The fifth episode of the “Rising to the Challenge” series, prod...
11.03.2019 — 153 views
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Global Good

China will continue to play a positive role in the international community
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Lessons From Belt and Road

The world should utilize the opportunity to benefit from China's experience
11.03.2019 — 227 views
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Preventing Formalism and Shortsighted Actions in Rural Work

During the country’s rural revitalization process, aside from addressing new problems and devising new policies, more importance should be attached to the continuation of existi...
11.03.2019 — 228 views
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A Meaningful Law

Detailed regulations regarding the Foreign Investment Law are expected
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Xi joins deliberation with Fujian deputies at annual legislative session

President Xi Jinping on Sunday afternoon joined deliberation with deputies from Fujian Province at the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, China's national le...
11.03.2019 — 128 views
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Rural Renewal

New measures target the rural-urban gap and seek better overall development
10.03.2019 — 157 views
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Public Support for Private Enterprises

It is important to distinguish and define the different needs of private enterprises—only targeted support can enhance policy effectiveness.
10.03.2019 — 332 views
China to expand mixed ownership reform to more than 100 SOEs

China will expand the mixed ownership reform to more than 100 state-owned enterprises (SOEs), an official with the country's state-asset regulator said Saturday.
10.03.2019 — 124 views


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