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Chinese Doctors in Zambia

In the remote and beautiful African country of Zambia, Chinese doctors at the China-Zambia Friendship Hospital are affectionately called “envoys of China-Zambia friendship” by the local people and their Chinese compatriots alike.
The belt and road initiative new development opportunities for china africa education cooperation
The Belt and Road Initiative: New Development Opportunities for China-Africa Education Cooperation

The results of in-depth discussion from this year’s FOCAC summit are expected to contribute enormously and bring more light for common development of education in Africa and China.
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Infographic belt and road initiative driving china africa cooperation featured image
[Infographic] Belt and Road Initiative: Driving China-Africa Cooperation

Under their existing cooperation framework, China and Africa ushered in a golden period of accelerated cooperation after the inception of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation i...
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China and Africa: Getting Culturally Closer

The booming and diversified cultural exchanges between China and African countries have deepened the ties and opened the gate to better mutual understanding between their peoples.
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The belt and road initiative breathing life into china africa cooperation 1200px
The Belt and Road Initiative: Breathing Life into China-Africa Cooperation

The Belt and Road Initiative is broadening consensus, strengthening friendship and promoting infrastructure development in Africa.
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The belt and road initiative and africa 1200px
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The Belt and Road Initiative and Africa

The Silk Road Spirit has sown peace and harmony between many different peoples.
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China-Africa Cooperation Pushes Forward Industrialization in Africa

Production capacity cooperation between China and Africa conforms to the developmental needs of both sides.
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Panel highlights focac agenda ahead of beijing summit
Panel highlights FOCAC agenda ahead of Beijing summit

Ahead of the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), scheduled to take place in the Chinese capital from September 3-4, a press conference on the H...
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China-Africa Relations: New and Improved “All-Weather Friendship”

From director-general of the Department of African Affairs in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Chinese ambassador to Mali and Morocco, Cheng Tao has dedicated over 30 year...
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Tang Xiaoyang: Witness to Africa’s Rise

Rather than by providing aid, China has made a big contribution to Africa’s development through even-handed trade benefiting both sides, helping African countries build internal...
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