Hindi event
23.04.2018 — 39 views

Two Nations, Speaking as One

India’s Foreign Minister extends invitation to Chinese students of Hindi, saying India welcomes them with open arms
向伟艺  万全摄影
Xiang Weiyi:Rural Vitalization Needs Millennials

Young people are needed to bring continuous vigor to China’s countryside.
13.04.2018 — 59 views
Wang Yaping:Space Teacher

It is Wang Yaping’s dream to make the space industry benefit the whole of society, and she is thankful to witness the dawn of a great new era.
12.04.2018 — 60 views
ADB Vice President: China’s Further Opening-up is Encouraging

“The idea of further opening up, as was the focus of President Xi’s speech, is great, especially his commitment to opening the financial sector,” remarked Stephen P. Groff, vice...
11.04.2018 — 118 views
Innovation Brings New Development Opportunities to Asia

How can new development patterns led by innovation be achieved? Let’s hear from some experts!
11.04.2018 — 117 views
11.04.2018 — 43 views

Zhou Hanmin:China's Reform Into Deep

The best way to commemorate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up is to continue further with bold and resolute steps.
Risks and Opportunities Ahead

Economists share views on current economic issues and forecast the future of Asia's economy.
11.04.2018 — 69 views
The Belt and Road Initiative: A Path Way to Inclusive Globalization

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative can enhance the integration of Asia, providing a new way of thinking and a new driving force for its advancement.
11.04.2018 — 83 views
Yang Wei:Fighter Designer

The successful production of the J-20 signifies that China has entered the “realm of freedom” in the field of military aircraft research.
10.04.2018 — 41 views
Boao Figures — A Three-minute Run-through

Boao, which used to be a small fishing village in Hainan Province in southern China, has today become a big platform for discussing the future of Asia’s development.
09.04.2018 — 72 views


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