“An open trading system is the key to global prosperity,” remarked Kent Calder, director of Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies, Johns Hopkins University to China Pictorial on April 8 at the ongoing annual conference of the Boao Foru...
The EU Role in the Sino-US “Trade War”

It is suspected that Trump’s tariff measures are intended to launch a “trade war” against China. If so, what role will the EU play?
08.04.2018 — 59 views
Repairing the Frayed US-China Relationship

The problems affecting the US-China trade relationship involve both economic and geopolitical issues, which really are separate in nature.
08.04.2018 — 58 views
On the Road to Riches

The participation of SOEs in Belt and Road projects buoys the economies of Asia.
07.04.2018 — 54 views
Creating New Miracles in Asia

Ahead of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2018, to be held on April 8-11, Beijing Review interviewed Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary General of the BFA, about his views ...
07.04.2018 — 44 views
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Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday vowed to continue to serve the people at the closing meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) annual session.
Newly-elected President Xi steers China toward prosperity

At the Great Hall of the People, with Xi elected as president, history has opened a new chapter.
20.03.2018 — 171 views
Chinese Premier meets press

Premier Li Keqiang met the press after the closing session of the National People’s Congress on Tuesday morning.
20.03.2018 — 146 views
Does China’s military spending indicate an arms race?

China’s slight increase in its defense budget is neither alarming nor an overreaction.
20.03.2018 — 129 views
Local legislative powers protect ethnic groups

Granting legislative powers to large cities has contributed to the protection of the She ethnic culture, said Lei Jinyu, on March 12 during a panel discussion of the Fujian dele...
19.03.2018 — 110 views


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