New Era
01.01.2017 — 299 views

2016: Dark Horses Rise in Chinese Film

By the end of 2016, the atmosphere in Chinese cinemas had changed drastically. It felt like China’s film market and theater-goers had both matured and diversified.
Ten Lifestyle Trends Of 2016

Ten lifestyle trends that emerged in 2016.
01.01.2017 — 280 views
Pioneers: Pushing Boundaries

Ten pioneers who pushed boundaries in 2016.
01.01.2017 — 350 views
Top 10 Technological Advancements Of 2016

Science and technology have always been the primary drivers of human progress. Looking back at 2016, China witnessed many significant events in global science and technology cir...
01.01.2017 — 305 views
2017 Outlook: Dawn of AI

In 2016, artificial intelligence (AI) began to profoundly change human life. Clearly, the trend will continue through 2017, and the following three features will likely characte...
01.01.2017 — 287 views
01.01.2017 — 312 views

Top 10 Chinese Keywords Of 2016

The top 10 Chinese keywords of 2016.
Documentary Photography: Recording China

Since photography was first introduced to China, attitudes towards the practice have evolved from those of family photos to ID photo, studio photography, and finally news photog...
01.12.2016 — 516 views


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