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The Widening Path of the NDB

The idea of establishing the New Development Bank (NDB), a multilateral development bank co-founded by BRICS nations, was introduced at the BRICS summit in New Delhi, India, in March 2012. Accordin...
Into the Woods at Saihanba

How long does it take to transform a desert into a forest?
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A Decade of BRICS Cooperation

Since its launch in 2006, BRICS has evolved from an investment concept into an influential international mechanism and a major bloc to hedge against financial crisis, drive econ...
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The Reforestation Saga

Through unimaginable sacrifice, residents of Saihanba have eventually restored the natural environment that was once destroyed.
08.09.2017 — 617 views
[BRICS-Xiamen]Working Together for a Second Golden Decade of BRICS Cooperation

The addition of the “S” to the BRIC acronym indicates that the mechanism enters the African continent which has the largest number of developing countries.
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China-India cooperation not only reflects the requirements for the two countries as key BRICS members, but is logical choice for their development.
[BRICS-Xiamen] Working Together for Future BRICS Cooperation

A new concept, BRICS has become a cooperative mechanism involving the five leading emerging economies, under which the leaders of all five countries regularly meet. Addi...
01.09.2017 — 703 views
[BRICS-Xiamen]China and Brazil’s Guiding Role in BRICS Cooperation

As the two largest developing countries in the eastern and western hemispheres and two important members of BRICS, China and Brazil have engaged in pragmatic cooperation across ...
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Exploring the Universe with“Eye of Heaven”

On September 25, 2016, in a karst valley in Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Tele...
31.08.2017 — 609 views
Birth of China’s Quantum Computer

The notion of a quantum computer is already well-worn territory in science-fiction literature and movies, and reality is finally catching up.
31.08.2017 — 884 views


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