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C919 Cleared for Takeoff

China’s first domestically produced large passenger plane, the C919, successfully completed its maiden flight in May 2017. It took six years for the plane to be certified since its debut in 2008.  ...
Jiaolong under the Sea

Jiaolong under the Sea On June 23, 2017, China’s Jiaolong manned deep-sea submersible and its mother ship Xiangyanghong 09 returned to the National Deep-Sea Base in the Qingdao...
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Longest Span Across the Sea

The magnificent bridge, built with Chinese wisdom and bravery, will further promote the regional economy and make residents’ lives more convenient.
11.08.2017 — 498 views
Smart Medical Treatment

With surging ideas and cutting-edge technologies, medical treatment will soon become more convenient, cheaper and healthier overall.
10.08.2017 — 497 views
Moon Missions

The moon has maintained a central role in Chinese culture since ancient times. Not only has it inspired numerous poets, but also generated timeless myths and legends, the most f...
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Anywhere and Everywhere

If you end up stranded on a deserted island today, hopefully your mobile phone still has power as well as the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) app. With it, a castaway could send a “help” m...
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Super Rice

Grain has remained close to human civilization since the first people settled down to practice farming. Rice, one of the most eaten staple foods in the world, feeds over half of...
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China’s Next-Gen Bullet Trains

According to the Medium- and Long-term Railway Network Plan issued on July 22, 2016, China’s high-speed railway network will reach 38,000 kilometers by 2025, linking 240 medium-...
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B r exhibition
B&R Exhibition opens in Romania

The Belt and Road (B&R) Exhibition opened in Bucharest on July 14, 2017, on the sidelines of the 2017 China-CEE Countries Political Parties Dialogue held in the Romanian capital.
17.07.2017 — 519 views
B r initiative brings initial benefit for cee countries
B&R Initiative brings initial benefit for CEE countries

The Belt and Road Initiative has brought tangible benefits to Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, who are looking forward to broader cooperation, according the assessm...
17.07.2017 — 470 views


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