PRC Turns 70
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07.12.2018 — 668 views

What’s Next for Financial Opening Up?

China’s financial opening up over the past four decades has created valuable experience and lessons for implementing financial policies in the next phase.
40 Years of Achievements and Experience

Rethinking the achievements and lessons of China’s reform and opening up over the past four decades will help enlighten and inspire the future development of China and the world...
07.12.2018 — 627 views
China Will Complement, Not Supplant

The Belt and Road Initiative is not meant to supplant the existing order but rather to complement it.
06.12.2018 — 557 views
Forty-Year Efforts Pay Off

Economic development is not a sprint, but a marathon. Only long-term sustainable economic policies with available mid-course correction could yield the results that China has be...
06.12.2018 — 848 views
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From Volume to Value

China’s manufacturing industry not only contributes greatly to its high-speed and high-quality economic development, but also plays an indispensable role in the stability and gr...
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Social Governance on Demand

Responding to China’s realities, adhering to a people-centered philosophy and exploring improvement of governance at all levels have been the core values of China’s social governance reform over the past 40 years of reform and opening up.
Opening Up a Chinese Miracle

Compared to developed countries, China’s experience and theory on reform and opening up present a more significant reference for other developing countries.
01.12.2018 — 417 views
From a Beneficiary to a Contributor in 40 Years

During its four decades of reform and opening up, China has evolved from a beneficiary of globalization to a contributor, becoming a major engine for world economic growth and a...
01.12.2018 — 15512 views
Together Against Poverty

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. Perhaps the country’s greatest achievement over the four decades is that hundreds of millions of Chinese p...
07.11.2018 — 474 views
Promoting sustainable development in pudong
Promoting Sustainable Development in Pudong

Pudong now faces the problem of fostering growth momentum and promoting sustainable social and economic development at a higher starting point.
24.10.2018 — 523 views


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