PRC Turns 70
24.10.2018 — 440 views

My Pudong Story

At the critical time of national development, only reform can boost momentum. And reform must fit the global trend.
Recording the Reform and Opening Up of Pudong New Area

“Over the past 28 years, Pudong has reached a high degree of industrialization and urbanization that took developed European countries two centuries to achieve.”
24.10.2018 — 447 views
Pudong Targets Social Progress

Pudong seeks to not only facilitate projects and foster economic development, but also promote comprehensive social development.
23.10.2018 — 448 views
[Infographic] Pudong’s Development and Opening Up in Numbers

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19.10.2018 — 451 views
Pudong’s Reform Miracle

The miraculous development of Pudong New Area overwhelmingly validates China’s reform and opening up under the leadership of the CPC.
18.10.2018 — 626 views
What has happened to Pudong? How has Pudong influenced China and even the world? In the new era, what new contributions will Pudong make? From today, China Pictorial will present a series of reports on the Pudong New Area to commemorate the 40th a...
2018 Summit of China Top 500 Private Enterprises Held in Shenyang

The 2018 Summit of China Top 500 Private Enterprises was held on Wednesday in Shenyang, capital city of China’s northeastern Liaoning Province.
29.08.2018 — 777 views
A legacy of reform in xiaogang 1
40 years of reform and opening-up: A new starting point on China's journey

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. To fully prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, we must first affirm the achievements of the past four...
12.07.2018 — 688 views
Shenzhen: 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up

Four decades ago, a tide of philosophical emancipation swept across China, heralding the beginning of reform and opening up in the country. Chinese people shook off the chains o...
11.07.2018 — 1211 views
China needs confidence and resolve in face of trade war
China needs confidence and resolve in face of trade war

A trade war against China was launched by the United States on the day the 2018 World Cup kicked off, as the Chinese people prepared to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, a tho...
21.06.2018 — 735 views


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