29.05.2019 — 3583 views

Reflections on Chinese Hospitality

The Chinese are careful to be good hosts and leave lasting impressions on guests. They highly value relationships with friends and family.
Talking Movies in China

It’s refreshing to live in a country where Marvel doesn’t dominate, and the new Star Wars installments are greeted with a collective shrug.
16.04.2019 — 3443 views
My First Spring Festival in China

I hope to take some of the traditions back home when I return to the United States, both to remind me of my time here and to celebrate the friendships I have made in China.
04.03.2019 — 1371 views
Worth the Effort

After enduring the challenges of studying Chinese for several years, I am sure that embarking on this journey was the right choice.
13.02.2019 — 1250 views
Give and Take: Architecture and Cultural Footprints

Nations leave footprints as they interact with each other, but it is up to each of them to decide what to preserve, what to eliminate and what to imitate.
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16.11.2018 — 1224 views

Living the tech life

Anyone living in China will agree with me: Changes are faster here than anywhere else.
Working in China

The vast difference between China and the rest of the world makes living and working in the country an enriching and rewarding experience seldom found elsewhere.
01.11.2018 — 842 views
Home Sweet Homes

Parts of my heart belong to both countries. I want to see both places continue to develop and overcome their respective challenges.
12.09.2018 — 1025 views
Sensing Beijing

My Chinese family enabled me to better understand Chinese society, and more importantly, helped me feel right at home.
21.08.2018 — 1486 views
Tea for Me

The most wonderful thing about tea is not the drink itself, but everything else it brings along with it.
06.07.2018 — 1447 views


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