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09.08.2018 — 58 views

River Chief Scheme

From “first-aid treatment” for the water pollution crisis separately performed by some local governments to a unified national approach, the river chief system has proved an effective measure to solve complicated water problems.
New Energy for Global Transformation

Tireless efforts over more than a decade have resulted in stunning achievements in China’s new energy development. The country has realized a structural transformation as it shi...
09.08.2018 — 51 views
Green Development :Ecological Governance with Chinese Characteristics

Ecosystem: Bedrock of Human Development On the surface, a country’s ecosystem is similar to a person’s physical appearance or health, demonstrating morphology. But in nature, it...
09.08.2018 — 44 views
The Yangtze River:All-out Protection Efforts

After decades of exploitation, the conflict between development interests and protection interests along the Yangtze River has reached a climax, and the river’s ecological envir...
09.08.2018 — 54 views
Green Finance: China’s Global Impact

Considering the improved policies and growing market, China’s green finance is usually considered a glowing success story. But challenges remain for expanding and harmonizing gr...
08.08.2018 — 49 views
As harmonious coexistence between human and nature actually becomes reality, a brand new scroll of green China is unrolling in front of
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Plastic Waste:A Tall Hill to Climb

As many new varieties of plastic waste emerge, the government needs to issue new restrictive regulations on plastic products.
01.08.2018 — 33 views
Against Extinction: Protecting Chinese Sturgeons in the Yangtze River

Mainly living in the Yangtze River and nearby sea waters, Chinese sturgeons have been a rare species which is dubbed "underwater panda".  Now the researchers are dedicated to pr...
19.07.2018 — 82 views
Leaving Ivory in the Wild

On January 1, 2018, China banned all trade in ivory, imposing stiff penalties on anyone caught buying or selling ivory products in the Chinese mainland. Since then, every tradin...
16.07.2018 — 93 views
Protecting Chinese sturgeon in the Yangtze River

What is China doing to protect its critically endangered Chinese sturgeon?
17.04.2018 — 461 views


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