Exploring the Chinese Path to Modernization: Diplomats’ Tour in Guangdong Begins


“Diplomats Explore China: A Tour of Guangdong” commenced in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province on January 15, 2024. Diplomats from nearly 40 countries, including Cameroon, Mali, Jordan, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Mongolia, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), participated in this event held in the Lingnan region, which boasts a magnificent historical and contemporary backdrop. They immersed themselves in Guangdong’s experience of the Chinese path to modernization. This marked the beginning of a 5-day expedition in Guangdong.

At the first stop in Guangzhou, they explored the renowned Guangzhou Urban Planning and Exhibition Center, also known as the Guangzhou Cultural Center. Through the large sand table of Guangzhou, diplomats had the opportunity to examine intricately designed models of iconic and distinctive architectural landmarks, gaining insight into the layout of various districts in Guangzhou and comprehensively understand the city’s developmental trajectory from various perspectives.

After visiting the Guangzhou Cultural Center, the diplomats made their way to the Yunxi Ecological Park, nestled at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. Surrounded by lush hills and clear waters, they explored the park’s ecological civilization path, focused on greening and revitalizing wetlands. They also participated in the Ambassadors Dialogue titled “New Era, New Economy—The Global Opportunities of China’s Modernization and High-Quality Development,” where ambassadors including Hussam Al Husseini from Jordan and Martha A. Mavrommatis from Cyprus delivered speeches and engaged in discussions around the theme.

In the evening, the diplomats enjoyed a night cruise on the Pearl River, relishing the gentle breeze and admiring the beautiful scenery on both banks. Following a day of visits and exploration, the diplomats expressed their hope to strengthen exchange and mutual learning with Guangdong, aiming to tap cooperation potential, expand collaboration areas, and achieve more fruitful outcomes.

Ambassador Mavrommatis remarked, “I am deeply impressed by today’s activities. I see the high-quality development of Guangzhou and its efforts in environmental protection while achieving a harmonious balance between development and the environment.”

“My initial impression of Guangzhou came from the Canton Fair, which I believe is a highly influential platform for Guangdong and even China. We are working to create opportunities for Kiribati enterprises through this platform. I look forward to deeper economic cooperation with China, especially Guangzhou, in the future,” said Kiribati Ambassador David Teaabo.

Lu Cairong, vice president of China International Communications Group (CICG), noted that CICG hopes to take the Guangdong trip as an opportunity to improve communication and exchanges among all parties, and contribute wisdom and strength to facilitating the steady and long-term development of Chinese modernization.

“We hope that through such a visit we can present more new aspects of Guangdong’s development to the diplomats and bring the province and the diplomats closer through the exchange,” said Li Li, director general of Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions.

In the next four days, the diplomats will also visit Foshan and Shenzhen to carry out in-depth investigations of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, new energy industry, and new productivity boosters.

Through visiting important enterprises and institutions in Guangdong and participating in the Ambassadors Dialogue, the diplomats will share their views on future cooperation and development and build a platform for economic exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Guided by CICG, the event is co-organized by Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions, International Communication Cooperation Department under the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, CICG Center for Europe and Asia and Xinhua Institute.

Zhang Xin, vice governor of Guangdong Province, has communicated with the diplomats during the day.

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