Belt & Road
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The Belt and Road Initiative helps expand the world market and create more jobs, contributes wisdom for promoting development, and strongly supports the realization of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustain...
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Belt and Road Studies Network inaugurated

The Belt and Road Studies Network (BRSN), co-initiated by Xinhua Institute and 15 other think tanks, was inaugurated in Beijing Wednesday.
25.04.2019 — 3 views
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English, French editions of Xi's discourses on BRI published

The English and French editions of a compilation of President Xi Jinping's discourses on the Belt and Road Initiative were published Wednesday.
25.04.2019 — 2 views
Straightforward Development and Boosts in African Investment

Infrastructure projects under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative streamline necessary arrangements to build infrastructure in Africa and enable local businesses to in...
25.04.2019 — 50 views
Belt and Road Initiative: New Avenues for Global Cooperation

Through seizing new ideas, exploring new models and coping with new challenges, China is pursuing mutual benefits and win-win results with an increasing number of countries.
19.04.2019 — 127 views
2018年铁路建设技术国际培训班 参观考察
08.04.2019 — 149 views

Connecting China with the World

"We have become close friends and established deep connections with many foreign students taking training classes."
Help Beyond Borders

“We have settled there, become immersed in the community and maintained contact with locals every day. They know us, and we know them. This is how people-to-people bonds really ...
08.04.2019 — 280 views
China-Bangladesh Cultural Exchange: A “Belt and Road” Success Story

“All these years I have remained devoted to learning, teaching and sharing cultural and human values with others. The Belt and Road Initiative has created a new window to seize ...
08.04.2019 — 242 views
Belt and Road Construction and Development Report 2019 Released

On March 28, 2019, the seminar “Belt and Road: New Concepts and Practices” was held in Beijing. The Belt and Road Construction and Development Report 2019 was released during th...
30.03.2019 — 178 views


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