19.04.2022 — 10083 views

The Track Polishers

At the midnight of April 18, lights were still on at the Zhangjiakou high-speed railway station in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Zhao Yujing, director of the rail and bridge workshop in the Zha...
Anthony Edgar: Lasting Bond with Beijing

An “unexpected” message just popped up. It’s from Anthony Edgar who texted with an apology to cancel the interview scheduled for the next morning since he would be at a venue th...
04.03.2022 — 2100 views
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Laszlo Vajda: Déjà Vu All Over Again

If your phone rang during the recent Beijing Winter Olympics, it would probably be a friend asking if you saw some amazing games. For Laszlo Vajda, a ring means “there is probab...
04.03.2022 — 1964 views
Deng Yaping: Icing a Ping Pong Legend

Deng Yaping is arguably one of the greatest female Chinese table tennis players in history. Her many titles include Chinese first grand slam champion, the world’s top female pla...
04.03.2022 — 1014 views
Andrea Coatti: Gentle Slopes

An Italian snow park designer’s story in China.
20.12.2021 — 1720 views
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09.12.2021 — 792 views

Atomic Joan: A Historic Life

“I’m a brave fellow,” crooned a Western woman wearing a blue Chinese rural-style suit in an old video. “I fear nothing at all. When the atomic bomb falls down, I say it’s just a big watermelon.” Sh...
Into the Woods

Forest ranger Yu Meixiu lives on a mountainside almost 3,000 meters high. The narrow, zigzag road leads to her residence with 90 hairpin turns. Right behind her home are the lus...
30.09.2021 — 2044 views
吴为山 新
Wu Weishan: Sculpting an Era

Visual representations of the times can be more vivid, straightforward, and artistic through sculpture.
19.07.2021 — 2183 views
Doctor for the People

The epidemic has brought TCM to the world.
01.07.2021 — 20182 views
Wang Tongren: The Ox Painter

“Man should aspire to an ox’s spirit of dedication.”
25.03.2021 — 1546 views


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