11.01.2024 — 6584 views

Between Water and Colors

He presents a poetic realm characterized by the blending of water and colors, realistic and freehand styles, and the aura of the Jiangnan region. James McBride’s memoir, The Color of Water, takes i...
A “Great Perhaps”

When asked why he wants to leave home for boarding school, Miles Halter, the protagonist and narrator in John Green’s award-winning novel Looking for Alaska, responds: “Francois...
20.11.2023 — 6460 views
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New Life for the Rhino-Shaped Zun

The ancient Chinese might have been greeted by rhinos in the Minshan Mountains in southwestern Gansu and northwestern Sichuan provinces, as evidenced by The Classic of Mountains...
30.10.2023 — 6943 views
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Animator Life Rewind

As the largest and oldest animation production house established since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, Shanghai Animation Film Studio (SAFS) undoubtedly ...
28.06.2023 — 15827 views
Empathy for Animators

Many have experienced yawning being contagious. Others can’t help but do it after seeing someone else yawn. It was until 1996 that the scientific rules behind the phenomenon wer...
25.06.2023 — 14512 views
Md 14
In a remote fortress in a fantasy version of ancient China, a young slave girl named Ping forms an extraordinary connection with a dragon. Together, they embark on a heart-pounding odyssey across ...
Future in Metaverse

A naughty boy breaking a window in the virtual world once causes his neighbor to spend 10 minutes cleaning up broken glass in real life. According to a smart contract in the met...
02.06.2023 — 9692 views
Threading the Needle

In early March, the temperature rose to more than 10 degrees Celsius in Hongyangzhai Village in Taijiang County, southwestern China’s Guizhou Province. On a rare sunny day after...
22.04.2023 — 8985 views
Fantastical Exploration of Cultural Roots

Chinese sci-fi writers integrate imagination with the land under their feet to find the inspiration, aesthetics, and cultural building blocks for their creations.
14.04.2023 — 11149 views
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Wisdom and Light of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits the whole world while constantly enriching itself by learning from other civilizations.
14.04.2023 — 11928 views


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