Shifts in multilateral frameworks are needed for a civilizational approach to the conservation of biological diversity rather than complete reliance on the market.
Wangchuan Ceremony: An Intangible Cultural Heritage

Recognized as a shared heritage of China and Malaysia, the Wangchuan ceremony is a crucial channel for people-to-people exchange between the two countries.
03.11.2021 — 1562 views
Kunming Flower Market in Full Bloom

What makes the success of Dounan’s flower market is its comprehensive offer of services including electronic auctions and transactions.
03.11.2021 — 793 views
Traditional Culture and Ecological Diversity

Traditional ethnic culture can drive biodiversity protection.
30.09.2021 — 1314 views
The Last Stand of the Green Peafowl

Biodiversity conservation dictates the future of wildlife and is highly relevant to the future of mankind.
30.09.2021 — 1088 views
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30.09.2021 — 1083 views

A New Decade for Biological Diversity

After more than a year of marvelous journey, a herd of wild Asian elephants finally returned to their traditional habitat in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province on September 10, 2021. During the u...
Frozen History

Since the turn of the 20th century, Chinese modern art has always mirrored the route of China’s revolution, construction, reform, and development, reproducing and interpreting h...
22.07.2021 — 1881 views
100 Years of Red-Themed Dramas

Excellent red-themed dramas shine new light on the times and wield the power to create new cultural memes and artistic flair to bind audiences of different ages and nationalitie...
20.07.2021 — 21372 views
A Hundred Years of History on Canvas

The young generation of artists is injecting new personal style into classical artistic language to achieve breakthroughs in theme creation.
20.07.2021 — 1311 views
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The Night at the Fragrant Hills: A New Dramatic Exploration of Revolutionary History

An experimental drama created a new model to depict real figures in revolutionary plays.
20.07.2021 — 896 views


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