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Lingnan culture is not a fossil, but a living organism undergoing constant transformation.
The Rediscovery of Sanxingdui Ruins

13.05.2021 — 3779 views
Facts You Need to Know about Sanxingdui

13.05.2021 — 2265 views
Prince Gong’s Mansion: A Qing Dynasty Treasure

The landmark is considered a central icon of traditional Chinese culture.
29.04.2021 — 1289 views
The Birth and Growth of Guanfu Museum

Chinese public opinion on cultural heritage has changed dramatically in recent decades, and cultural relics are now valued more than ever.
29.04.2021 — 893 views
My life became inextricably bound to the Sanxingdui Ruins after my participation in its first excavation in the late autumn of 1980. When our excavation team was working at the site in 1981 and 198...
Sanxingdui Ruins: A Diverse Civilization

Exchange and collision of various civilizations in Sichuan kindled the amazing ancient Shu civilization.
28.04.2021 — 1133 views
Sanxingdui: New Wonders of a Lost Civilization

On March 20, 2021, Sanxingdui shocked the world with the news that an excavation launched in November 2019 had located six pits filled with ancient bronze, whole elephant tusks,...
27.04.2021 — 1284 views
Treasures from a Lost Civilization: Bridging Understanding between China and the Americas

“Treasures of a Lost Civilization” was a blockbuster exhibition which not only had lasting scholarly value but was also a significant bridge-builder of understanding between Chi...
27.04.2021 — 1235 views
A Unique Land of Abundance on Earth

A Unique Land of Abundance on Earth
22.04.2021 — 809 views


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