19.02.2021 — 910 views

Mao Weitao: Artistic Bravery

“I will never stop trying and will always stay confident, brave, and persistent, which is my art secret.”
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Zhang Huoding: Chasing the Dream of Peking Opera

Only persistence grants the right to dream.
19.02.2021 — 988 views
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Zhang Jianfeng: Finding the Future of Peking Opera

Zhang Jianfeng is exploring the future of Peking Opera through integrating the classical and the modern and drawing inspiration from both home and abroad.
19.02.2021 — 739 views
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Qiu Jirong: Pioneer of Tradition

Qiu Jirong is blazing trails for reviving Peking Opera, and doing it his way.
19.02.2021 — 1087 views
Yan Rui: Birth of a New Genre

“I hope for the opportunity to experience a broader range of content including famous dramas, both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, for inspiration to interpret more sto...
18.02.2021 — 640 views
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Dou Xiaoxuan: Feeling the Charm

“Peking Opera performers of my generation need to bring more people to the theaters.”
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Chinese Opera: Traditional Art Revival in the New Era

Thanks to its historical profundity and attractive cultural flair, Chinese opera is likely to relive its past glory in the near future.
17.02.2021 — 1273 views
中国戏曲学院创排改编自莎士比亚同名剧目 豫剧 无事生非
Western Flavors in Chinese Theater Art

A blend of Eastern and Western cultures in Chinese theater art is the trend.
17.02.2021 — 1166 views
Happy Chinese New Year!

People select spring festival scrolls and lanterns to welcome the upcoming Spring Festival at a market in Yangzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, on Jan 16, 2021. The Spring Fe...
25.01.2021 — 969 views
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“The Tides of the Century”: Dialogue between the East and West

As a large modern marine museum built by Evergrande Group with huge investment, the Ocean Flower Island Museum covers an area of about 74,000m2 including about 23,000m2 for gros...
25.12.2020 — 1478 views


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