26.03.2021 — 23940 views

Gao Ke and His 1,008 Bears

“Bear Mountain Bear Sea: Gao Ke and His 606 Be@rbrick Bears” is not just an exhibition of Bearbricks, but also a collection of pop culture memories.
Wang Tongren: The Ox Painter

“Man should aspire to an ox’s spirit of dedication.”
25.03.2021 — 2113 views
The Lights of the City

Regardless of changes to bookstores, words have always continued to be read. Riding the tides of the times, physical bookstores have consistently served as city lights, illumina...
25.03.2021 — 1021 views
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Bookshelf Souls

A bookshelf captures a soul, so does the house keeping books.
23.03.2021 — 1136 views
An Odyssey between Past and Present——The Observation of Chinese Calligraphy and Sculpture in Real Life

 In January 2021, the third exhibition of “An Odyssey between Past and Present” kicked off at the art museum of the Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute. I am honored...
02.03.2021 — 759 views
The author is deputy director of the National Museum of China.
Huafu: Wearable History

Wearing huafu is like wearing Chinese history. It revives ancestral pursuit of beauty across historical periods through appreciation of the enduring artistic aura and historical...
02.03.2021 — 1627 views
Wang Peiyu: A Theater Life

She compared herself to Fahai in Chunshuidu, walking down from the “high court” of Peking Opera to experience “mortal life,” blazing new trails for the audience and herself.
01.03.2021 — 1135 views
Horqin, a picturesque getaway with splendid culture

The beautiful Horqin Grassland lies in eastern Inner Mongolia autonomous region of China and on the northwestern end of the Songliao Plain. It has been known as a land with lush...
26.02.2021 — 605 views
Two Ways to Serve the Present with the Past

Whether “new wine in old bottles” or “old wine in new bottles,” the key to innovating traditional culture is new combinations of form and content.
22.02.2021 — 737 views


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