The signing of the China-US phase-one trade pact, which has both economic and political significance, will bolster the world economy, while the top priority is ensuring its efficient implementation, officials and analysts said.
Phase-one deal accelerates opening-up of financial service sector

China and the United States pledged in their phase-one trade agreement on Wednesday to accelerate two-way opening of the financial service sector and expand market access for ea...
17.01.2020 — 1 views
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“China-Myanmar Paukphaw Friendship” Photo Exhibition Held in Yangon

On January 15, 2020, the “China-Myanmar Paukphaw Friendship” photo exhibition was held at the Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar. 
16.01.2020 — 48 views
“Brightness & Books” Donation In Yangon | China-Myanmar

On the afternoon of January 15, the “Brightness & Books” donation ceremony was held at the Institute of Sports and Physical Education (Yangon).
16.01.2020 — 56 views
2019: A Year of Innovation

On July 24, 2019, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released the Global Innovation Index 2019 in New Delhi, India. China has maintained its upward momentum on ...
10.01.2020 — 636 views
10.01.2020 — 703 views

How Will 5G Change the World?

The importance of 5G is not only its faster speed, more efficient energy consumption and lower latency, but also the facilitation of the Internet of Everything. Unprecedentedly wide-ranging functionality is the heart of 5G.
President Xi Jinping's New Year Speech

Comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen, The year 2020 is arriving. From China's capital Beijing, I would like to extend my New Year wishes to you all! In 2019, we sweated and w...
31.12.2019 — 91 views
Quality Life in a Shared Future

The import expo is helping foreign enterprises explore the Chinese market while giving Chinese consumers greater access to quality global products.
23.12.2019 — 19 views
CIIE: Open Door to the Chinese Market

As China’s consumption economy continues to rise, this will create opportunities for global companies to enter the Chinese market.
20.12.2019 — 70 views
Oracle Bone Inscriptions in the Cloud

The “Origin of Oracle Bone Inscriptions” big data platform was launched on October 18, 2019, bringing studies of the oracle bone script into the “cloud era.”
15.12.2019 — 370 views


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