26.03.2021 — 602 views

Reading Behind the Lines

Digital books are changing millennia-long reading traditions.
The Art of Bookbinding

Books play a significant role in maintaining the continuity of human civilization.
26.03.2021 — 547 views
The Lights of the City

Regardless of changes to bookstores, words have always continued to be read. Riding the tides of the times, physical bookstores have consistently served as city lights, illumina...
25.03.2021 — 219 views
Millennial Used Books

If Zhengyang Bookstore is a miniature museum of Beijing’s history and culture, Déjà vu Bookstore founded by Wei Ying is a community for like-minded readers to sell and buy used ...
24.03.2021 — 520 views
Reading Today

If “reading books” no longer requires either “reading” or “books,” then what is it really?
23.03.2021 — 667 views
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Following is the full transcript of the joint China-WHO press conference of WHO-convened Global Study of Origins of SARS-Cov-2. The press conference was held on Feb. 9 in Wuhan, the capital city of...
Electoral system reform will revive HK

The US and British media have condemned the electoral system reform in Hong Kong, claiming it undermines the special administrative region's political system. But, in reality, t...
13.03.2021 — 107 views
Who makes 'a direct attack' on Hong Kong democracy?

Hours after the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, passed the decision to improve the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Thursd...
13.03.2021 — 157 views
Xi's commitment to the environment

March 12 marks China's National Tree Planting Day. Chinese President Xi Jinping's sentiments toward planting trees and protecting greenery have not changed. Since the 18th Natio...
12.03.2021 — 88 views
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CIPG launches books on China's fight against poverty

The online launch of China International Publishing Group's (CIPG) multilingual books on China's fight against poverty took place this Wednesday, presenting a total of 132 books...
12.03.2021 — 137 views


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