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From Court to Crowd

“We are seeing intangible cultural heritage penetrate Chinese people’s lives and shape their lifestyles, behavior patterns, and philosophies,” said co-curator Yang Xuechen when she was touring arou...
Folk Culture Key to Rural Revitalization

Born in the ancient villages, China’s intangible cultural heritage continues shining like a bright pearl in the crown of the country’s traditional culture. It contains rich live...
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Intangible Cultural Heritage: Thriving on Campus and Beyond

Schools present fertile ground for inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. In recent years, intangible cultural heritage has gained ground on China’s campuses while cultiva...
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Eating Chinese Art

The incorporation of Chinese animation into fondant cake involves infusing fresh elements and delicately dissecting and refining traditional Chinese culture.
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Animating Elephants

The animated short Elegy of an Elephant was co-created by myself and five other students from the Communications University of China as our graduation project. It tells the stor...
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Chinese Animated Shorts Grow Taller

In September 2005, I was invited to attend the Ottawa International Animation Festival in Canada. Within a few days, I had seen almost every animated film shown at the event, including a lot of ani...
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Drawing a Century

About a century ago, Uproar in the Studio (1926), produced by the Wan brothers, became the first Chinese animated short to gain real influence. Throughout the history of animati...
22.06.2023 — 3387 views
Moving Pictures

A “magical brush” from the East stormed international film festivals in 1956, marking the global coronation of Chinese animation for the first time. That year, The Magic Brush (...
22.06.2023 — 3375 views
Coloring Childhood With Animation

During the 2019 National Day holiday, my family traveled to Maribor, Slovenia, to accompany my daughter to the StopTrik International Film Festival. Her animated film, made at t...
22.06.2023 — 3242 views
Selfie Masters

To create a flattering image of oneself, modern advice is to hold your phone higher than your eyeline and tilt the lens down at a 45-degree angle. But before the birth of photog...
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