The keynote speech delivered by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) signaled that China will continue to vigorously open up and cooperate with countries across the world, said official...
Lego: Building Blocks of Consumption

China’s rising middle-income group has made the country particularly attractive to Lego Group.
06.11.2018 — 58 views
SA Trade Minister: CIIE Important for South Africa

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) will help narrow the trade imbalance between Africa and China, according to Rob Davies, Minister of Department of Trade and Industry o...
06.11.2018 — 42 views
Xi, foreign leaders tour CIIE exhibition hall

Chinese President Xi Jinping and foreign leaders who are attending the first China International Import Expo Monday toured around the Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment, ...
06.11.2018 — 48 views
China's import expo opens, Xi urges building an open world economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the opening of the world's first import-themed national-level expo in Shanghai on Monday, calling it a "trail-blazing" move in the history...
06.11.2018 — 56 views
Expanding imports and promoting opening up
After it joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, China adopted a series of measures to address the issue of global trade imbalance and promote its imports. These measures have helped Chi...
CIIE: Innovation in International Trade

China is taking concrete action to promote economic globalization and trade liberalization.
05.11.2018 — 69 views
Endless Reform and Opening Up

Ultimately, a “never-ending” expo requires constant reform and development of the country.
05.11.2018 — 73 views
Open global economy for all
Open Global Economy for All

Development is not a zero-sum game—it should foster the common progress of all countries through openness and cooperation.
05.11.2018 — 89 views
From Canton Fair to Import Expo, China gears up for wider opening-up

International big names such as Caterpillar are busy making turnarounds from the just closed Canton Fair in Guangzhou to the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.
05.11.2018 — 40 views


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