On January 16, 2019, the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) and the Tourism Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (TRC-CASS) jointly released the Report on World Tourism Economy Trends 2019.
Drones over Beidahuang

The usage of drones in crop protection is growing rapidly in China and may attract more young people to further explore intelligent agriculture.
11.10.2018 — 504 views
Border Patrol of Southern Xinjiang

Shaking off poverty while safeguarding the border, locals living in the border areas of southern Xinjiang are seizing their dreams of building a beautiful village.
19.09.2018 — 526 views
Jiangyin: Manufacturing the Future

Since the dawn of China’s reform and opening up, the Jiangyin government has been providing rain-or-shine, unrestricted and comprehensive services for enterprises.
13.09.2018 — 583 views
Healthcare Reform in Luohu: The Potential of General Practitioners

As a pilot zone for community-level healthcare reform in China, Shenzhen’s Luohu District has implemented a general practitioner system which has proven very successful.
29.08.2018 — 343 views
17.08.2018 — 299 views

Sustainable Social Security

For a large country like China, nationwide coordination of pension funds has become an irresistable trend. Building the central adjustment system represents China’s resolution to address challenges in the realm of social security.
Second tier cities compete for first class talent
Second-tier Cities Compete for First-class Talent

The essence of talent competition in second- and third-tier cities is a fight for talent dividends.
18.07.2018 — 311 views
The 3rd world philanthropy forum to be held in shanghai
The 3rd World Philanthropy Forum to be Held in Shanghai

The 3rd World Philanthropy Forum (WPF) will be held from September 5-7 in Shanghai. This Forum is organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Count...
10.07.2018 — 406 views
Miracle of a Town: Lessons for Developing Countries

Kunshan’s miraculous transformation and smart and green development serve as a role model for developing countries.
14.06.2018 — 503 views
The Famous Photo Shop

Taking photos not only freezes images, but captures timeless moments. Da Bei Photo, a nearly century-old photo studio, has preserved precious memories for thousands of household...
08.06.2018 — 426 views


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