Recently, media commentary emerging from European countries suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sharp reduction of Chinese investment in economies participating in the Belt and Road I...
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Zhangjiakou Ready for Spring Festival Travel Rush

The Zhangjiakou Railway Station was brightly lit at 0:30 a.m. on January 28, as the outdoor temperature dropped to minus 19 degrees Celsius. Before the 2021 Spring Festival trav...
04.02.2021 — 2557 views
2020 Sino-Philippines Educational Exchange Seminar highlights deepening ties and friendship through online English education

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the founding of bilateral relations between China and the Philippines, the Beijing-based leading online English education platform 51Ta...
19.10.2020 — 3296 views
Good Life in the Fields

Kong Haoxuan grinned with a sparkle in his eyes and a big flash of teeth during a performance of A Shout to the Yellow River, a Pu opera. The September 22 show went smoothly and...
01.10.2020 — 2956 views
Agriculture Helping Develop Culture

Yuncheng is only a small part of dry northern China, but it shows the greater picture of agricultural innovation in the country. Technological adoption in agriculture also suppo...
01.10.2020 — 4691 views
30.09.2020 — 4350 views

E-Commerce Supporting Cultural Development

Most people don’t want to take over the world; they just want to have control over their little corner of it. Culture is a thing that grows slowly when people have the space to be themselves: literally, when they’re not crammed by necessity into u...
Empowering Poor Ethnic Minority Girls in China

Initiated by Deng Chaoyu, a Tujia singer from central China’s Hubei Province, a charity program focusing on providing accessible education for poor ethnic minority girls and pro...
04.09.2020 — 2277 views
Video Competition Promotes China-Africa People-to-People Connectivity

A short video competition was launched on August 28 for contestants to share their stories and experiences related to the increasingly diverse China-Africa relations at a time w...
29.08.2020 — 2618 views
Heroes Light up Zhangjiakou’s Night Sky

 “What keeps you working hard night after night regardless of tiredness and darkness?” There are a group of people who work at night when others are sound asleep. They go to wor...
18.08.2020 — 2228 views
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Next-Gen Village Tiger Painters

In the mobile internet era, a new generation of farmer painters armed with cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas is poised to bring tiger paintings to a wider and untappe...
03.08.2020 — 2991 views


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