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Pearl of East Tibetan

Qamdo City is located in eastern Tibet Autonomous Region, lying in the area of Hengduan Mountains and valleys of Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nu River. Its unique geographical position has endow...
Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway: Y-shaped Totem of China’s High-speed Rail

There is a special railway in the vast land of China which has witnessed the ups and downs that the country has undergone over the past century. The construction of this railway...
17.07.2020 — 2580 views
A Visit to Jingkelong: How a Beijing Supermarket Chain Stabilizes Its Supply and Prices

The Jingkelong supermarket chain now delivers more than 600 tons of fresh food products each day to its branches across the city of Beijing, two to three times the regular amoun...
22.06.2020 — 3142 views
E-tickets for Epidemic Control at Beijing Railway Station

Starting June 20, 2020, China will introduce e-ticketing for normal trains in railway stations nationwide. Except for the S2 line, all railway stations in Beijing have stopped o...
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Drawing Water from Air

Watergen will continue to tap the great potential of the Chinese market.
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PwC Carries On with China Plans

Although the pandemic disrupts or halts the majority of business operations for every company around the world, when companies continue to strategize and form partnerships, it improves the chances for China and the world to come out stronger on th...
Bridge Guards over Guanting Reservoir

The century-old Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway was the first railroad independently designed and built by China. This railway connects Beijing and Hebei Province’s Zhangjiakou City...
09.06.2020 — 1690 views
Ordinary People Shine in Wuhan’s Anti-epidemic Efforts

They are bus drivers, food deliverymen, express couriers, enterprise employees, voluntary drivers, grassroots police officers, community workers, and volunteers, who shuttle thr...
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Tibet in China Pictorial

President Xi Jinping pointed out that Tibet, which lies in the heart of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is significant as an ethnic bordering region in China, an ecological barrier, ...
02.04.2020 — 1837 views
A New Soul for Old Shoes

Like so many other time-honored brands, Neiliansheng is legendary. From the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to present, the shoemaker has endured 164 years of wind and rain, evolv...
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