01.03.2021 — 107 views

Wang Peiyu: A Theater Life

She compared herself to Fahai in Chunshuidu, walking down from the “high court” of Peking Opera to experience “mortal life,” blazing new trails for the audience and herself.
Tan Zhengyan: Carrying the Torch

“It is my mission to sustain the Tan School of Peking Opera.”
28.02.2021 — 97 views
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Xi Focus: Xi stresses studying Party history as CPC gears up for centenary

BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Saturday stressed studying the Party's history as the CPC ...
22.02.2021 — 104 views
Carrying on the Mission of Revolutionary Pioneers

Carrying on the Mission of Revolutionary Pioneers
20.02.2021 — 127 views
Mao Weitao: Artistic Bravery

“I will never stop trying and will always stay confident, brave, and persistent, which is my art secret.”
19.02.2021 — 346 views
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19.02.2021 — 301 views

Qiu Jirong: Pioneer of Tradition

Qiu Jirong is blazing trails for reviving Peking Opera, and doing it his way.
Setting the Stage

Glittering costumes, precious vinyl records, colorful stage stills and many other vintage objects used decades ago can now be seen at the Achievement Exhibition Celebrating the ...
19.02.2021 — 247 views
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Zhang Huoding: Chasing the Dream of Peking Opera

Only persistence grants the right to dream.
19.02.2021 — 277 views
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Zhang Jianfeng: Finding the Future of Peking Opera

Zhang Jianfeng is exploring the future of Peking Opera through integrating the classical and the modern and drawing inspiration from both home and abroad.
19.02.2021 — 216 views
Yan Rui: Birth of a New Genre

“I hope for the opportunity to experience a broader range of content including famous dramas, both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, for inspiration to interpret more sto...
18.02.2021 — 81 views


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