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04.12.2023 — 56 views

My Affection for the Grand Canal

From my first intimate encounter with the Grand Canal to my subsequent immersion in its research, I evolved from a complete outsider to the canal into a guardian and promoter of its culture.
Along the Grand Canal

Appreciation for the role individual effort plays in the great webs that bind our lives into a diverse and vibrant global community is part of the legacy of the Grand Canal.
30.11.2023 — 309 views
 wedding ceremony
Functional and Poetic Chinese Landscape

Over thousands of years, diligent Chinese people have worked the land hard, developing strong reliance and belief in the soil and creating a farming civilization pursuing recycl...
29.11.2023 — 341 views
Unique Beauty of National Parks

Known as China’s “water tower,” the Sanjiangyuan National Park boasts not only trickling streams, but also ancient bedrock mountains, magnificent snow-capped mountains, crystal ...
29.11.2023 — 327 views
Witnessing Romantic Protection

In September 2022, when I had just arrived at the Communication University of Zhejiang’s School of Journalism and Communication as a first-year graduate student, I was honored t...
27.11.2023 — 319 views
China’s Grand Canal boasts a history spanning over 2,500 years. Extending for more than 3,200 kilometers, it traverses eight provincial-level administrative regions including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebe...
Cycling the Grand Canal

On June 19, 1981, 33-year-old Liu Shizhao and his colleague Shen Xingda posed for a photo at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, each holding a 28-inch-wheeled bicycle (a popular model...
27.11.2023 — 328 views
China-South Asia Forum on Poverty Reduction and Development Cooperation Held in Nepal

During the forum, more than 100 government officials, diplomatic envoys, experts, scholars, media representatives and international organizations from China, Nepal, India, Pakis...
24.11.2023 — 714 views
A Journey of Discovery

On a leisure boat in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Andrew David Field beamed upon hearing Pingtan, a traditional local folk music, performed there while passing stone bridges and wh...
20.11.2023 — 1767 views
Biological Treasures in Mount Wuyi

“0701C009, Quercus myrsinifolia Blume.” “DBH (Diameter at Breast Height):15.1 meters; H (Height):18 meters; W(Width): 4x4 meters; L (Length): 15 meters.” This summer, more than ...
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