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Confronting the Coronavirus Challenge

China’s national governance system has shown its ability to concentrate efforts and resources as needed to contain the epidemic.
Staying with the Chinese During This Difficult Time

As for me, although China is not my birthplace, I feel like it’s my second home. I am now praying for China to overcome this situation very soon.
14.02.2020 — 56 views
On the Frontline

A nurse infected with the novel coronavirus in Wuhan returns to work days after recovering
14.02.2020 — 18 views
Sounding the Alarm

Hubei doctor’s swift action launches initial alert of the coronavirus
14.02.2020 — 19 views
Battling the novel coronavirus: United we stand

The novel coronavirus has swept across China. As of Feb. 10, the number of people infected with the virus in the country has exceeded 40,000, with 908 recorded deaths. Scary as ...
11.02.2020 — 77 views
10.02.2020 — 108 views

Concerted Efforts

China pulls out all the stops to prevent infections from spreading worldwide
Expected Rebound of Post-Epidemic Consumption

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia has greatly affected consumption of physical retail, tourism, catering, culture and sports. Since the peak of the epidem...
09.02.2020 — 43 views
The “Pop-up” Hospital of Huoshenshan

At the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital, nearly 700 management personnel, more than 3,000 construction workers and around 1,000 large construction machines and transpor...
08.02.2020 — 46 views
Fighting the Novel Coronavirus: Less Hatred, More Empathy

Let’s stop fueling hatred and start encouraging empathy. We all deserve it.
08.02.2020 — 188 views
Global Support for China’s Anti-Epidemic Efforts

By February 7, 2020, many foreign leaders had praised and expressed support for China’s efforts to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak.
08.02.2020 — 605 views


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