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Wedding Science and Art

Five years ago, none of us could have imagined our names in movie credits or the encouragement from the many people who recognize our contributions therein. Science and art were long believed to st...
Water lillies  ren yen ooi
Blooming Chinese Science Fiction

My journey into Chinese science fiction began around the year 2012. I didn’t have any expectations, and a lack of ability to read Chinese made the task a bit more difficult, but...
14.04.2023 — 5174 views
A Talk About ChatGPT

Wontons, dumplings, fried rice… Chinese people are always thinking about food, so it should come with no surprise that a poetic ode to Chinese favorites made the rounds online r...
14.04.2023 — 4974 views
Chinese Science Fiction Past, Present, and Future

Chinese science fiction has been characterized not by cautious optimism but rather by cautious revelations focusing on the rich possibilities of alternative visions of our world.
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9 三体
Ten Most Influential Chinese Sci-Fi Works

Lunar Colony by Huangjiang Diaosou, published in 1904 The work is considered by many to be the first Chinese sci-fi novel.The novel grafts the classical Chinese novel style wit...
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On March 30, the BRICS Seminar on Governance & Cultural Exchange Forum kicked off in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Both the BRICS Association for Visual Arts and the BRICS Media & Think Tank Association were inaugurated during the event.
The 14th China Esperanto Congress Held in Beijing

Supervised by China International Communications Group (CICG), organized by the China Esperanto League (CEL), and supported by the Foreign Languages Press and Sinolingua Co., L...
26.03.2023 — 3489 views
Beijing Mediating Saudi-Iran Talks

China’s growing role in the Middle East signals the emergence of a post-American world order and a new era of Asian engagement designed primarily by economic security and a shar...
20.03.2023 — 10933 views
Guofan 1
Guo Fan: Golden Days of Chinese Science Fiction

Thanks to China’s technological advancements and growing national strength, perhaps the best era of Chinese sci-fi films has arrived.
18.03.2023 — 12604 views
Consolidating Poverty Alleviation Gains and Promoting Rural Revitalization

At the end of 2020, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture declared a final victory over extreme poverty. As it embarks on a new journey, Nujiang is continuing to consolidate povert...
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