01.07.2021 — 20521 views

Doctor for the People

The epidemic has brought TCM to the world.
Wang Tongren: The Ox Painter

“Man should aspire to an ox’s spirit of dedication.”
25.03.2021 — 2113 views
Gaokao: Testing Destiny

My destiny shifted due to China resuming the Gaokao, the national college entrance examination.
06.08.2020 — 4615 views
Crafting Poverty Alleviation with Traditional Skills

After years of efforts, Chahar Right Rear Banner has developed a mature model for promoting poverty alleviation and improving living standards through inheriting and developing ...
10.06.2020 — 2382 views
The Second Half of the Coronavirus Battle

A Chinese businessman in Tunisia battles the coronavirus on two fronts.
07.05.2020 — 2751 views
Sunahara megumi2
The story of Japanese PLA soldier Sunahara Megumi provides a unique perspective to understand New China’s development.
Paleontologist Xu Xing: China’s Dinosaur King

After winning a series of “coin tosses” that determined his fate, Chinese paleontologist Xu Xing is working in full force to unveil the mysteries of dinosaurs.
20.03.2020 — 4546 views
2  摄影 段崴
Zhao Qizheng:Stories about Pudong and China

Zhao Qizheng hopes to help the world understand China by telling Chinese stories.
16.04.2019 — 5420 views
CIPG Holds Signing Ceremony of “Lao Pan’s View of China” Series

On March 20, China International Publishing Group (CIPG) held the signing ceremony of the series “Lao Pan’s View of China” and Off the Wall Story Salon.
27.03.2019 — 2826 views
Gu Fangzhou: Sugarcoating Vaccines

On January 2, 2019, Chinese virologist Gu Fangzhou passed away at the age of 92. Not until his passing did many come to appreciate the “father of sugar pills” in China.
14.02.2019 — 4566 views


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