Accelerated Networking at CIIE

The CDS Global booth in the Trade in Services exhibition area at the CIIE. Never overlook the smaller booths around the edges of the exhibition halls. You will find professionals ready to contribute their vital services to your company’s operations.

Whenever you do something online, the name of a company is often discreetly hanging about the corner of the screen. Without that company, your webpage wouldn’t load fast enough or your payment wouldn’t go through. At the China International Import Expo (CIIE), running from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai, China, some of the companies in the exhibition halls provide such services. In the Trade in Services exhibition area, the booth for CDS Global Cloud is not one of the big and flashy ones, but without the company, many online businesses would have a much more difficult time reaching their customers and clients.

CDS Global Cloud is an American company that was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2015. They came to China in 2018. Their services provide a bridge for companies operating in China to connect with the rest of the world. Once a business has legally established its operations in China, CDS Global Cloud assists it with accelerated web page opening and global application access. Where a large company could hire a few staff members to take care of the technical details, CDS Global Cloud provides an all-in-one turnkey service that gets small to medium-sized companies up and running online.

The CIIE helps them make initial contacts with potential clients. They learn about the needs of clients in every industry. They serve clients in biological, financial, e-commerce, gaming, and e-learning industries as well as corporations doing data analysis. Because any company operating in the modern world has some connection with internet platforms, CDS Global Cloud could provide solutions to fit their unique needs.

Judy Zhou, director of marketing at CDS Global Cloud, indicated how important their services are for companies teaching English online. Native English speakers live in North America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, and other countries and continents away from China. If a part-time English teacher in the American state of Arizona cannot speak one-on-one clearly to his or her student in Jiangsu, China, then the teacher loses income and the student loses learning opportunities. Zhou added that this industry has been particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, with other forms of employment being disrupted due to lockdowns.

As they help clients around the world, they have to take time zones into account. Evan Xu, pre-sales engineer, and his colleague Clive Hou good-naturedly spoke of the difficulty getting up in the middle of the night to meet with clients on the other side of the world. When online productivity applications like Microsoft 365 and Customer Relationship Management systems like Salesforce are dramatically slowed due to connection issues, the time lost in waiting costs far more to businesses than CDS Global Cloud’s service fees. When an e-learning company allows someone working from home in Arizona to take advantage of the time zone difference to work during the day to teach a student during the night in China, that requires Xu and his colleagues to be ready to get up to fix issues to keep services running smoothly.

The small booths around the edges of the CIIE exhibition halls have representatives from companies offering many kinds of products and services. If you have a good day at work, it is because people at a company like CDS Global Cloud did their jobs. It’s not so much that they’re trying to get into the spotlight, but if you are setting up your own business, you should know about companies like theirs. If you ever have to choose between just hacking something technical together on your own to save money and making a good investment to let the professionals take care of everything for you, think about expos like the CIIE that help you connect with reliable service providers.

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