Touring the World through 12 Country Pavilions


Since its opening on November 5, the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) has been attracting massive attention. A total of 172 countries, regions, and international organizations from the five continents attended the six-day expo. More than 3,600 enterprises and 400,000-plus buyers from China and beyond participated in the expo.

As the first import-themed national-level expo in the world, the CIIE has become an important platform for various countries to showcase themselves and promote their products. The Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment, an important part of the CIIE, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, where 82 countries and three international organizations set up 71 booths. There are 12 “Guest Countries of Honor” setting up their national pavilions with unique features. They are Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Britain, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. In their respective country pavilions, they showcase their national images, achievements in economic and trade development and competitive products.

Now, please follow China Pictorial’s reporter to take a look at how the 12 “Guest Countries of Honor” exhibited themselves.


Indonesia’s Country Pavilion

The country pavilion of Indonesia, with a simple and lively style, attracts visitors with its well-known local fruits and coffee.

Coffee from Indonesia. At present, Indonesian instant coffee brands rank second in the Chinese market.

Locals wearing traditional Indonesian costumes.


Vietnam’s Country Pavilion

A traditional Vietnamese music performance.

With a total area of 256 square meters, the country pavilion of Vietnam mainly displays agricultural products, marine products, processed food, and trade services.


Pakistan’s Country Pavilion

Highlighting its advantages and unique features in trade, investment, tourism, and business environment, the country pavilion of Pakistan demonstrates its economic vitality.

Cricket and baseball, two popular sports in Pakistan.


South Africa’s Country Pavilion

Covering a total area of 500-plus square meters, the country pavilion of South Africa is home to a variety of products by local enterprises. Among them, agricultural processing enterprises account for the majority.

South Africa’s products.

Wine produced by South Africa attracts enthusiastic visitors.  

Tmall, one of the largest online marketplaces in China where consumers can buy South African products, brings the country closer to Chinese people.


Egypt’s Country Pavilion

With a distinctive architectural style, the highly recognizable country pavilion of Egypt attracts many visitors.
Glass products from Egypt.

A sculpture with distinctive Egyptian features.


Russia’s Country Pavilion

Using white as its dominant hue, the country pavilion of Russia exhibits its nuclear power industry, tourism, and sports.

An official from the government of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region introduces the region’s industrial potential. Campaigns and promotion activities like this last until November 9 during the CIIE.

A traditional Russian dancing and singing performance.


Britain’s Country Pavilion

With the theme of “innovation is great,” the country pavilion of Britain attracts countless visitors.

The Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup) is one of the most time-honored football competitions in the world. Thus, the FA Cup trophy at the pavilion becomes a popular subject for photographing.

A signing ceremony for skill education cooperation between China and Britain.


Hungary’s Country Pavilion

Hungary’s street views are “relocated” to its pavilion.
A tourism campaign to promote Hungary is held in the pavilion.


Germany’s Country Pavilion

Germany, a sport-loving nation, takes the uniform of its national football team to the expo.

Visitors are attracted by a model of a large-scale shield tunneling machine made in Germany. The German pavilion focuses on exhibiting its fruits of “Industry 4.0.”
Mascot of Dortmund football club, a team in German’s top football league.


Canada’s Country Pavilion

Canada’s country pavilion.

Healthcare products from Canada exhibited at its country pavilion. At the CIIE, Canada mainly showcases its products and services in clean technology, healthcare and tourism.

2018 marks the “Year of Tourism” between China and Canada. So the photo gallery featuring the two countries’ tourism resources serves as the highlight of its pavilion.


Brazil’s Country Pavilion

Brazil’s country pavilion. At this CIIE, Brazilian enterprises and products are staged in five exhibition halls, including the country pavilion for trade and investment, as well as the exhibition areas for food and agricultural products, trade in services, apparel, accessories and consumer goods, and medical equipment and healthcare products.

A band from Brazil performs at its country pavilion, drawing many visitors to dance to the lively music.

A worker in Brazil’s country pavilion ties a traditional Brazilian lucky knot for a visitor.

Mexico’s Country Pavilion

At the country pavilion of Mexico, a Mexican development zone holds a promotional  marketing event to attract foreign businesses and investment.

Avocados and featured handicrafts from Mexico.

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