Organized by the China International Youth Exchange Center, the International Cooperation & Development Conference for Young Entrepreneurs kicked off in Beijing on April 25. Under the theme of ...
A Fantastic Reality

Chinese sci-fi writers should uphold the ideas of “finding common ground while setting aside differences” and “maintaining harmony in diversity” and seek to capture common value...
14.04.2023 — 16897 views
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Confucianism Culture Park in Quzhou named national-level demonstration park

The Confucianism Culture Park in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, has been named one of the 15 national-level cultural industry demonstration parks by the Ministry of Culture and Tour...
07.04.2023 — 9103 views
BRICS Media & Think Tank Association Established

The BRICS Seminar on Governance & Cultural Exchange Forum is held in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province from March 30 to 31. The establishment of the BRICS Media & Think Ta...
31.03.2023 — 9058 views
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Quzhou to build archaeological museum

Quzhou city in eastern China's Zhejiang province will build a museum for the archaeological site of the Gumie ancient state, after recently deciding on the building plan. The an...
27.03.2023 — 7413 views
The 2023 International Forum on Poverty Governance and Global Development (IFPGD) kicked off in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, southwestern China’s Yunnan Province on March 19. More than 190 ...
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Communique of the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

(Adopted at the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on February 28, 2023) The second plenary session of the 20th Central Committ...
02.03.2023 — 6711 views
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Xi Jinping presides over consultative meeting

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee held a consultative meeting on Tuesday at Zhongnanhai in Beijing with the central committees of other political parties, the...
02.03.2023 — 7299 views
'My Story of Chinese Culture' international short video competition award ceremony held

The award ceremony of "My Story of Chinese Culture" international short video competition and related activities were held in Jining, China's Shandong province, the hometown of ...
23.02.2023 — 6020 views
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Book fair in London promotes understanding of today's China

With the theme of "Reading China," a book fair in London, part of a joint exhibition of Chinese books in 85 physical bookstores across the world, aims to help local readers bett...
27.01.2023 — 6934 views


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