Expanding imports and promoting opening up
After it joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, China adopted a series of measures to address the issue of global trade imbalance and promote its imports. These measures have helped Chi...
CIIE: Innovation in International Trade

China is taking concrete action to promote economic globalization and trade liberalization.
05.11.2018 — 202 views
Endless Reform and Opening Up

Ultimately, a “never-ending” expo requires constant reform and development of the country.
05.11.2018 — 207 views
Open global economy for all
Open Global Economy for All

Development is not a zero-sum game—it should foster the common progress of all countries through openness and cooperation.
05.11.2018 — 203 views
From Canton Fair to Import Expo, China gears up for wider opening-up

International big names such as Caterpillar are busy making turnarounds from the just closed Canton Fair in Guangzhou to the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.
05.11.2018 — 169 views
More than 1,000 firms from 58 countries along the Belt and Road will attend the inaugural China International Import Expo (CIIE) to be held in Shanghai, the Ministry of Commerce said Saturday.
A Golden Age for China’s Consumption

A fast-growing and increasingly open Chinese consumer market is making great contributions to the world economy.
01.11.2018 — 221 views
New Chinese Consumption for a New Era

The current consumption upgrade in China, which is boosting domestic demand by upgrading consumption structure, promotes smooth and high-quality growth of China’s economy.
01.11.2018 — 263 views
Infographic a glance at chinas foreign trade featured
[Infographic] A Glance at China’s Foreign Trade

The China International Import Expo, which is scheduled to kick off in Shanghai on November 5, has attracted massive global attention. Since China’s reform and opening up that s...
01.11.2018 — 186 views
China's Emergence as a Major Importer

As the globalization trend once led by the United States undergoes tremendous changes, China is striding towards becoming a major global importer, widening channels for global e...
01.11.2018 — 126 views


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