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Towards Biodiverse Cities

Biodiversity should not only be considered ideal for a city, but also central to everyday life.
Dulong river gorge
The Guardians of Mountain Biodiversity

Gaoligong Mountain is one of the world’s most biodiverse places outside the tropics.
03.11.2021 — 8897 views
Returning Nature to Cities

Biodiversity matters to everyone, and everyone counts in conservation efforts.
03.11.2021 — 8436 views
The Story of a Fish Farmer

Yin Shumao’s fish culture experience reflects changing ecological protection concepts around the Fuxian Lake area in Yunnan Province.
03.11.2021 — 6369 views
Erhai Forum: Scenes of China’s Ecological Civilization

In the golden autumn of October, the Erhai Lake Ecological Corridor, a monitoring system for the lake, is composed of continuous green belts across Dali City in southwestern Chi...
02.11.2021 — 898 views
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Status Downgrade, Same Protection

On July 7, 2021, an official from China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced that the population of wild giant pandas in China had exceeded 1,800 and that its status was downgraded from ...
Traditional Culture and Ecological Diversity

Traditional ethnic culture can drive biodiversity protection.
30.09.2021 — 1700 views
The Last Stand of the Green Peafowl

Biodiversity conservation dictates the future of wildlife and is highly relevant to the future of mankind.
30.09.2021 — 1301 views
Biodiversity for All

Protecting the blue planet demands concerted global efforts.
30.09.2021 — 1213 views
A Big Moment for Biodiversity Conservation

Over the next few years, one million species could be pushed to extinction and bring serious consequences for human beings as well as the rest of life on Earth, warned the Unite...
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