—Interview of Wang Shida, Deputy Director of the Institute of South and Southeast Asian and Oceanian Studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations
Wider Avenues for India-China Cooperation

As global wealth shifts back to Asia, the two nations need to work together as two nodes of the Asian Century.
08.06.2018 — 948 views
Expanding Future

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting is set to provide new ideas and focus
08.06.2018 — 76966 views
India’s Expectations for the SCO

By joining the SCO, India hopes to strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation, stabilize the situation in Afghanistan and realize connectivity to Central Asia.
08.06.2018 — 949 views
Can the SCO Bring India and Pakistan Closer?

Open communication and tremendous tact are the needs of the hour.
08.06.2018 — 77190 views
Peaceful settlement of disputes among member states through negotiation and consultation is the key factor driving effective security cooperation in the SCO.
SCO: A New Global Solution to International Relations

As a new type of regional organization, the SCO has abandoned patterns of alliance, disagreements over ideology and frequent confrontation in favor of dedication to solving urge...
07.06.2018 — 953 views
17 Years of Cooperation: SCO’s Profound Journey

The SCO is becoming a role model for a new type of international relations.
07.06.2018 — 76269 views
SCO: A Tighter Community

Aiming to forge a “community with a shared future for humanity,” the SCO is intended to be a regional community of common security, economic collaboration and social cooperation.
05.06.2018 — 1327 views
Igniting the ‘Shanghai Spirit’ at the SCO Summit

India and China should partner to make Asia and the world secure, peaceful and prosperous.
04.06.2018 — 820 views


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