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Portraits of Confucius exhibited online

An exhibition of Confucius was recently launched online, which includes over 3,000 portraits of the ancient Chinese philosopher from books, paintings, statues, and stone carvings. The exhibits are ...
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Cooperation and Exchange to Build Consensus

On April 26, 2012, Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (China-CEEC Cooperation) was officially launched as a cross-regional cooperation platform...
25.11.2022 — 5338 views
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Embracing the World for a Shared Future

Lately, China has played a more active role in the global arena. “Opening up” has boosted China’s political, economic, and cultural practices in the new era and will guide the c...
18.11.2022 — 5522 views
A Decade in Pictures

The book is a testament to the tremendous changes in ordinary Chinese lives as well as the notable progress China has made in the past decade.
15.10.2022 — 5466 views
Socrates and confucius
Art Rendezvous on the Silk Road: A Cultural Blend

By communicating face to face with sincerity, we can reach each other’s souls and forge solidarity as we move forward hand in hand on the journey to implement the Belt and Road ...
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Tradition and Modernization in Rural China

Balancing “control” and “letting go” in daily life and finding resonance with wider society is an important issue for China’s contemporary rural residents.
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Prosperity in Farmer Paintings

Like the crops, farmers’ paintings sprout from an airy atmosphere of freshly tilled soil and are known for rich imagination, bold colors, and distinctive features.
28.09.2022 — 3262 views
Discovering China through Relics

Over the past century, continuous discoveries of historical ruins have been enriching and refreshing understanding of the origins of Chinese civilization, vividly interpreting t...
11.07.2022 — 1634 views
Water Meets Zhenze

A photo album sheds light on the harmonious relationship between the ancient town of Zhenze and water.
02.06.2022 — 1354 views
Contemporary Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Treasures

As Chinese cultural heritage’s global influence increases, inheritors should concentrate on honing their skills and impressing aficionados with rich and extensive traditional ...
10.05.2022 — 1368 views


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