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As a large modern marine museum built by Evergrande Group with huge investment, the Ocean Flower Island Museum covers an area of about 74,000m2 including about 23,000m2 for gross building area. The...
Shared Environment: Artist Gao Xiaowu’s Works Released with AR Technology

As one of the Chinese artists exploring the possibilities of art integrating with public spaces, Gao has been delving into the interaction and interactivity between sculptures a...
21.12.2020 — 1092 views
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Preserved for the Future

Generations of relics conservators have been working in the Forbidden City, and they continue working in the Palace Museum now, repairing numerous works of art from the storehou...
15.12.2020 — 799 views
Images of the Forbidden City: Beauty Transcending Time

A masterpiece of ancient Eastern architecture, the Forbidden City, now a public cultural space, has left unparalleled beauty in classic images.
08.12.2020 — 1146 views
The Living Forbidden City

The most fundamental trait of the Forbidden City is its continuing status as a living entity. Although the monarchy has ended, the imperial palace lives on in perpetuity.
03.12.2020 — 1256 views
12.11.2020 — 1527 views

Cultural Legacy of Lord Guan

From a historical general to a widely venerated deity, the legend of Guan Yu emerged from his hometown on the land of southern Shanxi Province, historically known as Hedong—regions east of the Yellow River. There is preserved the most vivid eviden...
Returning to Liangzhuang Village

For me, the first impulse of going back to the village has nothing to do with exposing a real Liangzhuang to outsiders; the trip was rather a journey to find a spiritual source ...
29.09.2020 — 1702 views
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Every Corner of the Plateau

He traversed the 74 counties and districts of Tibet Autonomous Region in southwestern China over two decades. Passion for recording real Tibetan life and the scenery of Tibet gi...
15.09.2020 — 1510 views
APEPCY in the Yangtze River Delta: Charitable Maternal Education Sets Sail from Yangzhong City

Sponsored by the AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth (APEPCY) Office, Beijing Changier Education Foundation, and Nishan Academy of Maternal Education, and organi...
13.08.2020 — 1330 views
Art of the Test

When China resumed the college entrance examination in 1977, Luo Zhongli’s life changed forever.
12.08.2020 — 1744 views


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