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Gaokao: Testing Destiny

My destiny shifted due to China resuming the Gaokao, the national college entrance examination.
My Three College Entrance Exams

In July 1979, I first entered a college entrance examination room at the age of 15. When China resumed the national college entrance examination, also known as the gaokao,in 19...
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Reform Needed in College Admissions

China needs to improve its college enrollment system to meet the needs of individual growth and national development.
05.08.2020 — 845 views
Zooming in on COVID-19 – The Global Anti-epidemic Fight through the Lens of 100 Photographers from 27 Countries

As of June 28, 2020, global COVID-19 cases had topped 10 million. Mankind is facing the most serious global public health crisis since the end of World War II. Against this back...
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Read Books and Change the World

On World Book Day, 100 mothers around the world jointly published the letter To Mothers, calling on mothers and children to read together.
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Middle earth podcast 3
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Podcasting from China

Listening to podcasts is an intimate experience. Providers must develop other ways to reach out to an audience.
Strokes of Harmony

“Acquire elements from various arts and melt them into a single piece to create something entirely new.”
13.03.2020 — 1641 views
Rising Curtains

There were few better ways to celebrate the 2020 Chinese New Year than watching a play at Beijing People’s Art Theatre.
24.02.2020 — 1099 views
People, Architecture, Technology

CADE 2019 highlights the great changes that have taken place in architecture since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and emphasizes cross-cultural communica...
16.12.2019 — 1580 views
Bones of Culture

Displayed as part of the permanent collections of many institutions around the world, oracle bones inscriptions, “Jiaguwen” in Chinese, have attracted researchers from various c...
04.12.2019 — 1450 views


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