The launch ceremony of the national tour and the press conference for the Xi’an debut of “The Forbidden City at 600: Shiqu Baoji Digital Painting Exhibition” were held in Guantang Art Zone, Beijing on the morning of June 16, 2021.
Northward Boom: Hong Kong Films’ Renaissance

The northward trend of Hong Kong films has proven an effective way to renovate its commercial film genres to cater to the mainland market while at the same time inspiring new sp...
17.06.2021 — 478 views
Greater Bay Area Culture on the Intangible Cultural Heritage Map

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao are connected by shared mountains and waters. The three places are also bound by a splendid intangible cultural heritage of the same origin.
11.06.2021 — 851 views
“Sang Maang” Guangdong

“Sang maang” is a distinctive trait of Cantonese spirit, and “sang maang Guangzhou” is a vivid description of Guangdong’s cultural aesthetic in the new era.
10.06.2021 — 410 views
On Chinese Regional Cultures

New regional cultures will continue to emerge, and popular ones will be integrated into part of the world civilization as they find their way in China and beyond.
10.06.2021 — 554 views
“I see a magical conflict and fusion in the evolution of Lingnan culture. Ancient houses, customs, and products are still intact in rapidly developing Guangdong. This contrast often creates a tremendous strength and a sense of drama in photography.”
Greater Bay Area: Lingering Nostalgia at Heart, Great Future in Sight

A culture with the same roots and origins now bonds Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao closely and continues to thrive.
08.06.2021 — 19887 views
Dragon boat
The New Face of Lingnan Culture and the Big Future of the Greater Bay Area

Lingnan culture is not a fossil, but a living organism undergoing constant transformation.
08.06.2021 — 503 views
Facts You Need to Know about Sanxingdui

13.05.2021 — 1666 views
The Rediscovery of Sanxingdui Ruins

13.05.2021 — 2197 views


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