As Chinese cultural heritage’s global influence increases, inheritors should concentrate on honing their skills and impressing aficionados with rich and extensive traditional cultural knowledge.
Online Chinese Literature Nourishing World Readers

As one of the first to rise to the challenges of the media revolution, Chinese literature is propelling world literature’s transition from print to cyberspace.
10.05.2022 — 192 views
Female Powers in Film and Television

On March 8 this year, with guidance from the All-China Women’s Federation, Beijing-based online video platform Youku released the 2022 report “Women on Screen.” It showed that t...
13.04.2022 — 237 views
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Chinese Inception

An ongoing exhibition in the Palace Museum presents the long history and cryptic profundity of Chinese civilization.
12.04.2022 — 235 views
Building a Literary Community of Women

Ideal female writing features an intricate “nerve” network connecting women with men, women with women, humans with reality, and humans with nature.
12.04.2022 — 118 views
Picture 2019
02.03.2022 — 405 views

Olympic Art

Chinese artists seek to capture the dynamic power of the Olympics flavored by their unique understanding of the Olympic spirit.
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“We Ride Together”

The very first snow of the year in Beijing blanketed the capital in early November, creating an ideal prelude to the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Many jumped at t...
14.01.2022 — 538 views
Evolution of Modern Chinese Sports Architecture

Modern Chinese sports buildings have developed with unique vitality featuring an integration of both Western sports facilities and traditional Chinese structures.
22.12.2021 — 312 views
Dynamic Beauty:Experiencing Natural Science Mysteries at an Art Exhibition

Natural paintings have become quite valuable both as works of art and documentation of science.
04.11.2021 — 446 views
Civilizational Transformation for Biodiversity Conservation

Shifts in multilateral frameworks are needed for a civilizational approach to the conservation of biological diversity rather than complete reliance on the market.
03.11.2021 — 496 views


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